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Interview: Yami Gautam: I always wanted to play the role of a lawyer, this film blessed me with this opportunity and I’m grateful for it!!!

Shree Narayan’s, Batti Gul Meter Chalu is on the verge to hit cinema’s. The film basically is a story of a person whose best friend commits suicide. The incident shake him from his core. He decides to fight back with the people who were responsible for his death. And those people were none other than government officials who handle electricity supply of the area. There is a courtroom scene filmed in the movie. The film staring Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Yami Gautam and Divyendu Sharma is releasing on 21st September, 2018.

Meanwhile we spotted Yami Gautam and had a brief interaction regarding the film.

Q. How did you prepare yourself for the role. What were the efforts which you took at a person level.
Yami: I hadn’t watch a single courtroom drama film, neither I read about it on some books or magazines. All I did was I visited the Mumbai High Court to gain live experiences. In fact I asked the lawyers about the realness shown in Bollywood films related to court. He said that we add too much of drama in our films. So I gained live experience of how the proceedings take place in a courtroom. Besides that, I worked on my language. I tried to improvise my Hindi as it is the dialogues are in pure Hindi. It’s pretty obvious that residing in Mumbai, somewhere we all have lost contact with pure Hindi. So I wanted to give this role my whole and soul to bring it to life. So that’s all I prepared on a personal level.

Q. What was the reason behind choosing BGMC despite the fact that you’ve a comparitively shorter screen space?
Yami: ‘Well I never choose the scripts on that basis. Everyone is updated now, all I matter is what essence my character will add in the film. Batti Gul Meter Chalu is a story of three best friends which ends up in a boiling situation in a courtroom. If you’ll watch the film, you’ll get to know that the courtroom adds a great importance in the film. And so does my character, I’m playing the pivotal role of a lawyer who is today’s girl. She speaks up and takes a stand for what she feels is right. In fact, as soon as I heard the narration, I said it to my mother that I want to play the character of a lawyer as it is I never played such role earlier. Luckily I was offered the role which I was desiring, and I quickly hopped into it. One more reason for doing this film is that I come from Chandigarh, where such problems are pretty often. I
understand the struggle of those villagers and that’s the reason BGMC was a desired film.

Q. You’re playing a role where you’ve a simple look of a lawyer, there’s no added glamour to your pretty face so were you alright with that?
Yami: Absolutely I was. When you’re playing a role, it’s the gravity of the role which matters. No doubt looks and glamor is a necessity but its secondary, what matters the most is the importance of character. So I was completely prepared that I’ll have a simple get up.
Q. It’s your first experience working with Shree Narayan, so how was the experience?
Yami: It was fun. I’ve already met him during Vicky Donor. He has edited the film, he was an editor then. He acts with the person knowing his or her temperament. He gives absolute freedom to an actor to do the given shot in his style, until he feels that the scene is getting diverted he holds back. So as a director and as a person, he’s totally fantastic to work with. He has so much of life in him,, in his presence, a place can’t be silent. To add-on he’s a great editor and that’s the reason he is a great director as well. Being an editor is his biggest strength in a way because he has so much of knowledge of filmography. A director at a certain point might get carried away, adding some or the other emotions and sentiments. But Shree Narayan being an editor as well knows that if he adds more than it’ll feel stretched out.

Q. If you were given a chance to be a real life lawyer, what would be the cause you would love to fight for?
Yami: Well there are two such causes which I’d like to fight for. Firstly, child education. That’s because my grandfather was the first person to open a school for underprivileged children in Chandigarh. Secondly, crime against women. I genuinely want to fight for it and get stricter laws formed from the government of India. It is an easy thing for us to speak on such things, discuss it as we have a security at some level but what about the ones who live in grassroots? They don’t even know that there’s something alike. So that’s the major thing which should be taken care of.

Q. Lastly, how was the experience working with Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor?
Yami: It was fun working with both of them. Shahid is such a magnificent actor. He has delivered so many best performances in the past and the reason is that he’s very dedicated and focused towards his work. He’s a very supportive actor, I remember that I was rehearsing a scene by my own and Shahid came in at that time and helped me out so it was such a sweet gesture. Shraddha is a fun-loving person, she is a great Actress indeed. I just loved working with both of them.

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