Yami Gautam who debuted with pathbreaking film like ‘Vicky Donor’ is paired up again with Ayushman Khurana in upcoming film Bala. In this film she is playing youth oriented character just after she played kind of intense character in ‘Uri The Surgical Strike‘ this year. Bala has created a hot buzz all around the social media and film is all set to release on 7 November 2019, but before that Yami Gautam has shared some interesting facts and details about the film in an media interaction. Read her full interview here…

Q. You’re pairing up again with Ayushmann after Vicky Donor, so what has changed between these 2 films?
Yami– Have you asked him this question? Wish i knew what he said about it (she laughs). More or less the same. I guess it was same feeling working with him. We used to eat a lot at the time of Vicky Donor. In terms of work, its same, its same energy, its same ease, it’s same comfort, same passion and now it’s like let’s do something, let’s just create something fun. And he being Bala already, his character, me being Pari, it’s the same. There is no defining moment, it’s very simple and that’s the way it should be.

Q. You and Ayushmann both started your career with Vicky Donor so did you ever have any talk about coming together?
Yami– No. Because now we have Vicky Donor as reference point and i think Bala was the Best script for us to come back together again. Of course there were opportunities in the middle where people wanted to cast us together but whatever happens is always for the best and i think Bala was the correct script for us.

Q. Vicky Donor started your career and Ayushmann’s as well but Vicky Donor also started a trend where people are actually talking about sex and now there are some other films too, what do you gonna say about that?
Yami– I am very glad. It is always geat to be a part of something pathbreaking. I remember when i read the script i was like, what would my Mom-dad say? There was a certain notion about it and i am glad that it was broken so beautifully. Vicky Donor will remain that Path breaking film which started a Trend on taboo subject.

Q. In Bala you are playing a social media aka tiktok sensation so What do you think how important it is for any artist to take a stand on these kind of topics that creates insecurities among youngsters?
Yami– You’re talking about my association with Fair n Lovely right? It (trolling) started very strongly, especially when I didn’t even know the meaning of being trolled. Before that people don’t know that right after Vicky Donor… I had a meeting with the brand. I said, ‘Listen guys, there is no problem promoting the brand. You have fairness and tanning creams abroad. But the idea to show that not being fair is something to be unhappy about, that’s not right.’ Maybe the name Fair & Lovely has been retained, so it is difficult to see beyond that, but the four faces are gone. All this gorapan (fairness)’ and the kind of ads which were being made, thankfully aren’t there anymore. They shouldn’t be. The fact that I am part of a film like Bala, where the issue is highlighted, shows that I know what I’m doing.

Q. Are you worried about the fact that Bala release date is being shifted again and again?
Yami– No, not at all. See, it’s very hard to get a solo release for every film especially towards the end of the year. It’s producers call to get the best date because lot of hardwork and money is spent there behind every film. And it’s not our job, our job is what we’ve done in the film.

Q. Has it ever happened that because the way you look, only those sort of roles came your way?
Yami– My first film had a performance-oriented role and people did notice that. But (there’s) stereotype because it was not a conventional role from an actress’ point of view. That’s where an actress and an actor differ. Oh, she has looked a certain way’ so only certain type of roles were coming my way. I realised that it’s very important to keep working on yourself and reinventing yourself in some way or the other to get diverse roles. ‘Kaabil’ had a very sensitive performance, even in ‘Uri’, yes, it was about Army and about that entire operation but… I feel very weird when you have to project that I play a strong girl. Why? It doesn’t happen with any actor, they don’t have to say ‘I am playing a strong guy. You really have to work hard and people like me have to put in a lot of effort to keep proving themselves which can be tiring. But that’s okay, that’s the job. I know i don’t come with a certain surname or godfather, i don’t have a social network here, where you can lean on someone when it comes to your professional circle. There’s nothing wrong in it but I’m saying it as a matter of fact. I am what I am, there’s a certain price to it but I’m fine. I am glad that people like Dinesh, Amar, had faith in my talent and performance. When you watch the film, you’ll realise that my name wouldn’t instantly come to your head seeing what you’ll see… It’s only a matter of time, your one Friday takes you to another, where people push you in a certain role which is absolutely new. It can take a while but it’ll happen. I’m in no hurry.

Q. Are you thinking of doing a Webseries and have you been approached for OTT platforms?
Yami– If it’s something outstanding which i feel is compelling me to do something as i said i must do it and as people haven’t seen me then why not. I have been approched some times but nothing something outstanding has came my way. I will not do something just because everybody is doing it, so let’s just do it.

By:- Sameer Ahire.

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