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Interview:I was sitting one day like a loner and my mind started to think how human relationships are messed up in today’s time: Dinesh Vijan

Dinesh Vijan is an Indian film producer and Director. He is the co-founder of Illuminati Films with actor Saif Ali Khan.He also happens to be the founder of Maddock Films. He is known for producing the films Being Cyrus, Love Aaj Kal Cocktail, Finding Fanny and Badlapur among others. He is making his directorial debut with the film Raabta, Which is all set to release on June 9

Here is an exclusive interview of Dinesh Vijan with Cinespeaks for the film ‘Raabta.’ The film is all set to release on June 9


Hindi medium was fabulous. Now, you have Raabta coming up. How are you managing back to back releases?

Yes, I’m so happy with the fact that Hindi Medium got so much love and appreciation. There are certain films which are special in a way you put in immense hard work to ensure the output is worth watching. As I was going about it, I devoted my time in research and trust me, I discovered a lot of things which I never knew or wasn’t aware of. In the process of making Hindi Medium, I could recollect my childhood memories as to how my mother wanted me to hangout continuously with one of my cousins who resided in London in the hope that it will improve my conversation skills and language. My grandfather was from Rawal pindi, so at home we conversed majorly in Hindi and Urdu. So, parents do get worried if their child is lacking the ability to speak in international language, which is English. The entire process of making Hindi Medium was a learning phase for me. With time, I’m growing and I want to make films which delivers a hardcore message, something which society needs to be told and certain changes for betterment is done. I play up with the ideas to have my audience entertained and at the same time they get the message too. At the end of it, I want people to take home something from the film, similarly I too intend to take something home from the making of the film. Love story, comedy etc should be the part of the film but majorly the story needs to be extraordinary and should be capable enough to win audiences heart.


You have Badlapur sequel coming up next. What is the movie all about?

like I said, the way love story was a part of Hindi Medium, similarly, in Badlapur sequel too, love story is very much a part of the story but yes, the film has done justice to its core storyline. We are continuing from where we had left in part 1, so the concept is strong and we are taking it to the next level altogether. Agent Vinod has taught me how to execute my entire knowledge in making Badlapur. The movie has a simple South Indian boy but in the contrary, he has a crazy mind! It’s gonna be a interestingly well made film.


You just mentioned that you take back from the movie which you make. What did you take back from Raabta ?

It made me more aware of the techniques and various advancements in the film making. Though I have been a creative producer but here I worked more closely with my directors and I could add in a hell lot of knowledge from them. I got a clarity! Music is something all my directors left it on me to handle because I have decent amount of understanding of the same. I was exposed to alien things. I’m fortunate to have worked with best of the colleagues and directors. The process of making Raabta has made me understand myself better. As a producer one has to work hard but as a director one needs to work even harder because if the director’s mood is not sound, there’s a clear probability that the scenes are going get affected. On a story level, the film made me understand the human relations better.


How did you come up with Raabta? 

I was sitting one day like a loner and my mind started to think how human relationships are messed up in today’s time. There are various layers to the relationship, extramarital, love triangle, friends with benefits to name a few. There are people who lack decision making as they fit in themselves in the perplexing situation, where they love particular person or have developed liking but will hesitate to give commitments. In a forward society, the girl doesn’t know if she loves her guy or not. So, what I’m trying to say is, in today’s era human relationships are created in a frivolous manner and the biggest issue in today’s time, is we don’t trust our partners, we are lacking the sense of loyalty which is  the base of any relationship. Where as back in time, our parents had to face a lot of adverse conditions and they faced it being together. On the contrary in today’s scenario, most of the people feel lonely because they are not being honest about something or the other. There are certain people we come across and we instantly feel connected like we know them already. So the film has shown how two people meet at a chocolate shop and how they kind of feel connected and they take this to the next level. I wanted to coin the term ‘Raabta’ so, the film revolves around this. I can’t reveal Beyond this.


The film visually looks quite enticing and mesmerising. Which location did you shoot this film in?

The film is mostly shot in Budapest, we had two relatively new actors and had to keep the economic aspect in check, so the film looks quite expensive and larger than life but the maximum investment in the film is approximately 32- 35 crores, which is quite decent. We are not worried or bothered about its box office collection that’s the reason why I could play up a bit and could take a risk in the trailer. I wanted audience to have a glimpse of something extraordinary in the trailer. At the end we can’t be dishonest to the audience. The film will be enjoyed by both believers and nonbelievers of reincarnation. So both the points of Views are covered in the film.


You were a bit reluctant to try your hands in direction. Why so?

Umm, I started of as a producer and this story was my imagination and thought. Everyone insisted me to try hands in direction as I would be the right person to create a film which will have everything on fleek because it was my story, so I had the clarity as to what exactly I have to present and deliver to my audience through this film. So, ultimately I ended up directing Raabta.

How accommodative or open are you when it comes to film making?

Well, I’m very adjusting and my mantra of working is very clear and upfront. My process of film making is very collaborative. I leave  first 2-3 takes on my actors because I want them to first sync in with their respective characters. I want to see them doing the act the way they feel comfortable doing it as a result, the act looks more real and natural. Every actor adds in their own ideas in the film, if the director finds it exceptionally good, then he does consider it and it gets incorporated in the film. Similarly, I am open too to ideas and suggestions. Sushant for that matter gave many quirky dialogues in the film which all of us appreciated and found interesting.


written by: Nandini Roy

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