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Irada : Intelligent concept with a dull execution.


Director – Aparnaa Singh
Cast – Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi, Divya Dutta, Sagarika Ghatge, Sharad.
Genre – Thrill, Drama

With a really good content and the combination of Warsi and Naseeruddin Shah, audience is bound to expect a great watch at the movie theatre, however, with the kind of execution and presentation the movie has, disasters are prone to happen.

The movie starts with the character of Naseer who is an ex-army man and dots on his only daughter Riya. He discovers that Riya has a mysterious disease and is declared terminally ill. On finding the roots of the disease, he realizes that many people in his city Punjab are dying of cancer because of contaminated water. He vows to take revenge from the man behind the act and through a help of a few people, destroys the factory through blasts.

There is a sub plot of the movie of a journalist fighting for the justice of her dead boyfriend, which has no major impact or relevance in the main plot. To un-solve the mystery of the blast, Warsi is hired and the story is taken forward.

With the combination of Arshad and Naseer, the movie was expected to make a memorable remark at the audience, which it couldn’t. the best has not been taken out by any of the actors except for Divya Dutta, who is the sole character to bring some light moments in the film by her dark humor and excellent acting. Her Punjabi accent and roaring attitude of a politician is commendable. She is the only saving factor of the movie. Arshad tries giving the best but has been under used, and the same goes with Naseer. Sagarika didn’t really have much to offer in the movie except for being a pretty face.

The direction is what has failed to movie to float. With such a sensitive content, the direction is loose. One does not understand exactly what pace the movie goes in. the execution and editing prospect has a major hand in putting a flaw to the movie.

The dialogues are okay with no great impact. Although just one song in the movie, the music is surprisingly good and fits in the narrative.

There is no particular reason as to why you should watch the movie. Had the execution been better, the movie could be at par. The best has not been taken out by any of the actors and we are disappointed.

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