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Ishaan Khatter Interview: Dhadak is an adaptation of Sairaat and not a remake

Actor Ishaan Khatter who left everyone impressed with his debut film Beyond The Clouds is all set for his upcoming Bollywood movie Dhadak. Produced by Karan Johar and Zee Studios, Dhadak is based on the 2016 Marathi Blockbuster Sairaat. The film features actress Janhvi Kapoor as the leading lady opposite Ishaan Khatter. Directed by Shashank Khaitaan, Dhadak is scheduled to hit screens on July 20.

In an Interview with Cinespeaks, actor Ishaan Khatter speaks to us..

Q: Do you feel Dhadak should have been your debut film than Beyond the Clouds?
Ishaan: I think there are endless ways and possibilities for anything. I am really happy with the way things have turned out for me so far. I loved working with a renowned filmmaker like Majid Majidi. I am equally grateful for Dhadak as well because it is presented on such a large scale. The two films are completely different and I feel blessed to have played different characters in these two films.

Q: Is it fair to compare Dhadak with Sairaat (2016)?
Ishaan: Dhadak is an adaptation of Sairaat and not the remake or a copy. Yes, there are comparisons with Sairaat because that film is still so fresh in the minds of the audience. The promos and content which have been released as of now is just a small portion of the whole feature film. The intention was to make an honest film and it is absolutely different than Sairaat.

Q: Sairaat was a story about crazy love. Do you believe in it?
Ishaan: Yes, I do believe in it.

Q: There are widespread comparisons and opinions about the track Zhingaat. What is your take on this?
Ishaan: We have just maintained the hook step of the song from Sairaat. The whole song is not yet out and the choreography is different. We have tried to maintain the energy and tempo of the song as that of Sairaat. There was no pressure of recreating a hit song and we enjoyed making the song. Farah Mam allowed me enough space for improvisation.


Q: Your off screen personality and energy is being compared with actor Ranveer Singh. What is your take on this?
Ishaan: I take that as a compliment though nothing is strategized in that way. I love his work and his films have inspired me a lot. But, our energies are different than each other. So, I take this as a compliment.

Q: Do you discuss scripts with your brother Shahid Kapoor?
Ishaan: I haven’t had the chance to discuss the script with him for Beyond the Clouds and Dhadak because I was on board before I received the scripts. We knew the story and what we would make. In future, I would discuss and like to seek his opinion whenever I feel the need.

Q: Do you have any limitations as an actor. Would you be open to bold scenes or drop a towel on screen?
Ishaan: I would like to be a part of films which are engaging, entertaining and which has something to say. I don’t feel doing a pointless or a mindless film. As an actor, I would be open to bold scenes only if it is relevant and integral to the film. It shouldn’t be something which is used as a sensational scene or for a promotional boost. It has to stay close to the story of the film.

Q: What kind of films do you like to watch?
Ishaan: I don’t feel inclined towards any specific genre. I can pretty much watch everything. I like Hindi classics and films of Guru Dutt and Dilipji. I recently watched Lamhe and loved it. It left a deep impression on me. So, I like watching almost all kinds of films.


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