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It’s NOT the first mother’s day for the new mom Ekta Kapoor!

Ekta Kapoor shared an adorable picture on her official social media handle with her newborn son, Ravie and her nephew Laksshya on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Calling herself a mother of two, Ekta Kapoor has written a super cute caption on how she had become a mother three years ago when her nephew Laksshya was born and this year is not her first mother’s day when she became a mother to son, Ravie! Sharing the same, India’s ‘content czarina’ wrote, “First Mother’s Day as a mother naaaaah that was three years ago! #motheroftwo”.

The picture shared by Ekta Kapoor is an overwhelming showcase of her happiness of being a mother to the kids. Ekta is so far, the first woman from the industry who chose an unconventional path for motherhood with surrogacy, beating away the contentions and is a happy single mother, indeed. Sharing equal amount of affection for ther nephew and her son, Ekta is definitely a proud mother of not one but two, as she puts.

A game-changer in the Indian television industry, Ekta Kapoor recently joined the league of 500+ global leaders and marked her debut on LinkedIn. Being the only content creator from India on the platform, Ekta is surely a trailblazer in the true essence of the term.

Being a single mother through surrogacy, which again stayed a process untouched by the women of the country so far- Ekta is not just an inspiration on the work front but is a true influencer is every walk of life where she leads the path for not just motherhood but womanhood.

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