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Jenny Kim: Confidence and smile are the key to achieve the crown!!

Jenny Kim is a South Korean model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Supranational 2017. She was previously appointed Miss Universe Korea 2016, and competed in Miss Universe 2016. Kim competed with 85 other contestants at the 65th Miss Universe, where she was awarded Miss Congeniality.
Recently Kim visited India to grace the auspicious event of Miss Diva 2018-19. Kim was called as a chief guest for the beautiful evening.
Meanwhile, in an exclusive conversation with Cinespeaks, Kim shares her experience being in India.
She says, “Visiting India is like a dream coming true. The people around me are so humble and wise. India is a country of vast tradition and culture unlike my motherland, Korea. I find India to be the most cultural country with a rich harmony.”
When asked her about her feeling when she won the title of Miss Supranational, Kim shares, “Oh that was the most beautiful evening in my entire lifespan. My heart just skipped a beat when I realized that I’ve finally made earned the crown. Earning such a dignified title is a dream for every model. It was a huge achievement for me.
When asked her about how her life has changed after she achieved the crown of Miss Supranational, she says, “Of course I’ve noticed vital changes in my life. People are now actually recognize me, appreciate me and admire me. I love the changes which have been introduced in my life after I was crowned as Miss Supranational 2017-18.
As she visited India in order to grace the evening of Miss Diva 2018-19 by crowning the winners, we asked her advice to the contestants. On the same she advised, “The only thing according to me matters in such competitions is the confidence we carry. There should be a wide smile on our cheeks. Just a genuine smile can bring up huge changes. Just be confident and be happy that’s it.”

We were pleased to have a conversation with such an celebrated model.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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