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John Abraham fights for Aarey forest

The Aarey forest debate has been going on for long in Mumbai where several Mumbaikars as we all know are against the cutting down of hundreds of trees.

Deforestation in itself is not the most healthy thing for the environment and we have several instances to prove that. Our environment is constantly trying to save itself from the harmful effects of global warming and all and this is where trees come into play. From thousands of mumbaikars to several bollywood celebs including the likes of Shraddha Kapoor and Lata Mangeshkar have voiced their protest for the same act.

And now the latest from the film industry to raise their voice against this cruel and foolish act is none other than John Abraham who is a social activist in his own right. In order to protest on the same, John mentioned –

Well, the Aarey forest debacle is truly something to look forward to and we truly hope that the environment is saved and taken care of and put to priority before anything else.

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