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Kabir Sadanand back with Virgin Woman Diaries after Married Woman Diaries

While India’s film and television industries still cater to conservative tastes and censors, the country’s online creators have undoubtedly changed the game through digital entertainment.

Director and actor Kabir Sadanand is back with yet another entertaining web series called virgin woman diaries after his previous successful series called the married woman diaries.

While married women diaries was a humorous take on the lives of an urban couple seen through the eyes of a married woman, Virgin woman diaries focuses on a young girl, above 18 years of age, who is in a live in relationship with her boyfriend and is curious to discover her sexuality.

What grabs the audience’s attention is that even though the series explores bold topics such as sex and virginity, there is nothing vulgar or inappropriate in the content, thereby targeting a worldwide audience.

Throwing light on his second web series Kabir says, ” after married woman diaries received a great response, I decided to create something different, this time through the lens of an unmarried, virgin woman. I am sure people will enjoy it thoroughly.”

Produced by Frog Pictures in association with Lehren networks, the web series launches on 28th August.

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