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Kamal Haasan Interview: I have always given political message through my films

Vishwaroopam II is an upcoming Indian bilingual action spy thriller film simultaneously made in Tamil and Hindi and dubbed in Telugu & Malayalam. Written and directed by Kamal Haasan, it is a circumquel to Vishwaroopam (2013) and features himself alongside Rahul Bose, Shekhar Kapur, Pooja Kumar and Andrea Jeremiah, reprising their roles. The film is scheduled to release on August 10, 2018.

In an interview with Cinespeaks, actor Kamal Hassan speaks to us

Q: Rajinikanth’s latest film Kaala had a political message. Will Vishwaroopam 2 also have a political message?
I have always given political message through my films. I always dare to make politically relevant films. I have gone beyond making politically satire films which is not about jokes and comedy. Films like Dashavatar and Hey Ram have political voices which are conveyed to sensitivise my audience.

Q: The promotions of Vishwaroopam 2 were also done on the Bigg Boss show. If given an opportunity would you like to enter the show?
I have entered a much bigger show (laughs…). The things that I’ll do in this show will live after me. The reason for me hosting Bigg Boss is a part of my political plan. I address 3.2 crores of tuners every weekend which is a larger chunk of the Tamil Nadu population. It is a part of my political plan and I took the opportunity.

Q: Tell us something about your association with music and dance?
I learnt music since childhood but sporadically. I am a trained dancer and have choreographed for few films like Ek Duje Ke Liye in my career.

Q: What is your opinion on the current status of Hindi Cinema?
It is great to see new blood flowing in the industry. I am also happy to see that the divider between commercial and an arthouse cinemas has blurred. In the earlier days, there was a deadly divide between the mainstream commercial Cinema and arthouse cinema. I feel a film is an art when it is made and if it sells ticket, then it is commercial. This has been my stand since the last 40 years. A filmmaker like Satyajit Ray had no problems in admiring Sholay though he wouldn’t wanted to make a film like that of Sholay.

Q: Any Hindi film you have watched of late?
I am unable to find time for films now because of my busy work schedule. I did watch Raazi because of the connection that I share with the people associated with the film. Unfortunately, I watched only few portions of the film because of busy schedules. Being a politician now, I don’t get much time to watch movies.


Q: What is your take on success and failure?
Success and failure is just like boarding the same bus. The pleasures and problems of travel are all same. It is just the destination which matters. If you don’t reach the desired destination, then you have boarded the wrong bus. The amount of hard work and effort which I invested in Hey Ram is much more than what I did for Vishwaroopam 1.

Q: As a politician now, what all changes do you want to bring about in the society?
I feel it is very pompous to say about things beforehand. I am not like any Mahatma Gandhiji who dedicated his entire life towards service. At the age of 63, I will try and do meaningful work as an politician.

Q: Any fond memories with late actress Sridevi you would like to share? Have you watched her daughter Janhvi Kapoor’s latest movie?
Boneyji invited us for the screening but we couldn’t attend it due to busy schedule. I have done 27 films with Sridevi and it is an altogether different experience and talk. Her demise was unexpected and shocking for me.

Q: Do you advise your daughters in their career?
I help them but don’t advise them.

Q: Any fond memories of Independence Day?
I remember a rainy day when Shruti and Akshara were around 8 years old. It was raining heavily and we hosted the flag and saluted it. We were all in wet clothes and celebrated the Independence Day at home.

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