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Kangana Ranaut once again shines through “Simran”

Kangana Ranaut’s , is high on the hog these days. The actress was last seen in “Rangoon”, which did not garner the required attention from the audiences. But for her defeat is a detour, not a dead-end. And with “Simran”, her upcoming film, the actress has certainly set the ball rolling for her future endeavors.

much awaited trailer of “Simran” sees the actress suffering from kleptomania. She is a gambler and a divorcee who lives her life to the fullest. But that doesn’t stop her from achieving her goals and remains undeterred in her life. she is also someone who would never give up. Being a divorcee, she is one woman who flirts with men and takes pride in saying so. She is kleptomaniac and has a strong urge to steal things. She is that female alpha, who refuses to give up even in the sense of emergency. She has learnt to accept the inevitable with grace. While everything seems hunky-dory, certain upturn of events lead to a casacade of let downs and adversity dent her confidance.

In later part she is seen going on a robbery spree. Kangana Ranaut is Praful and everything seems to be normal. But on the other hand cops are chasing Praful but the guy she is interested in doesn’t want to see her face but yet she is smiling with a glass of champagne in her hand. So what’s behind the champagne and that charming face?

Directed by Hansal Mehta and produced by T- series, the fill is slated to release on 15th Sept.

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