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Kapil Sharma: Shah Rukh Khan’s comic timing is very good

Actor-Comedian Kapil Sharma is all set to make his big screen appearance with his upcoming comedy cum drama movie Firangi. Firangi is set in era of 1920’s and features Kapil Sharma alongside two actresses – Monica Gill and Ishita Dutta. Produced by Kapil himself under his banner K9 Films and directed by Rajiev Dhingra, Firangi is scheduled to release on December 1.

In an interview with Cinespeaks, Kapil speaks to us.

Q: How has been your journey from the ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ to now?

Kapil: The journey has been an amazing. Up’s and down’s is a part of every journey in life. As you keep working, your work gets polished even more. You get better with your craft. Initially, everything used to be scripted but now it is more of impromptu and on the spot.

Q: How was the experience of working with the 2 actresses in Firangi?

Kapil: It was really great. My character of Manga is in track with Ishita Dutta’s character called Sargi. At a very young age, she is extremely professional and it was a learning curve for me while working with her. She used to stay very quiet on the set and used to focus a lot on her character. Monica Gill is playing a princess in the film. She is from America and has won the title of Miss India USA 2013. It was a wonderful experience of working with both these actresses.

Q: Your Mother and sister too are acting in this film. So, how was it?

Kapil: Yes, My Mother and sister are all also a part of the film. Initially, my Mom didn’t used to understand what ‘Lights, Camera and Action’ meant. So, I used to make her understand how things work on a film set. I am really happy that my Mom is a part of the film as she will see herself on the big screen for the first time.

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Q: Was it challenging to play a character which is based in the 1920’s?

Kapil: It was not that challenging because the film is on a lighter note. I have grown up hearing a lot of stories based on the Partition from my grandfather. I think the people from North have closely observed the incidents of Partition than the people belonging to the South. They were the ones who were really impacted the most as the Partition was very heavy. However, the normal life continued to keep on moving. So, this film is about the normal regular life of common people before Partition.

Q: Any yesteryear comedy films which you would want to see remade?

Kapil: There are a lot of films which I love and the list is very long. Kunwara Baap (1942) is an amazing comedy film. I think there is no point in remaking a good film as everyone starts to compare with the original. Legendary films should be left untouched as they are precious. One should not tamper with them and instead try to bring something new for the audience.

Q: Are you open to the idea of working in a 2-Hero film?

Kapil: Yes, I really love the combination of Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi. They are both phenomenal actors and I loved their pair in Ishqiya and Dedh Ishqiya. If given a chance, I would definitely do it especially with Arshad Warsi. Shah Rukh Khan’s timing too is very good.

Q: As a producer, are you keeping an eye on the Box-Office figures?

Kapil: Box-Office is very unpredictable. I was very happy with opening (10 Cr) of Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon (2015). I hope Firangi too does good and better business than my earlier film.

Q: When can we see your new comedy show on Television?

Kapil: Once Firangi releases, we will sit and plan the format of the show. A lot of things are in the pipeline and I will soon start working on my next show. The audience will soon be able to see it on Television.

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Q: Is comedy serious?

Kapil: Yes, Comedy is a serious job. Making people laugh and entertaining them is also a job. I am really happy that comedy is getting a lot of respect in today’s times.

Q: What is your take on the Padmavati controversy?

Kapil: I am really confused as to whether there are objectionable scenes in the film or not. I think the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) is the right organization to take a call on it. It is really sad to hear about the death threats on Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. It takes a lot of effort to make a film. I hope that the film releases very soon and wish all the very best to team Padmavati.

Q: What do you have to say on the love and appreciation showered by the audience?

Kapil: I am really thankful to all of them. When we were in America, the whole stadium was packed. The tickets for one of our show’s in abroad were sold out in one day itself. So, I am really grateful to my audience and their love and appreciation.

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