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Karan Johar finally breaks silence on the Hardik-Rahul KWK Controversy, apologizes for his ‘contribution’ in the matter!

The recent controversy involving Indian cricketers KL. Rahul and Hardik Pandya has spread all the country like wildfire..
While a section of Indians found the comments made by them as extremely sexist and disrespectful towards women, another felt the same questions are answered by other guests on the show as well who are mainly Bollywood stars and hence people take it sportingly..But because this time it has two young cricketers playing for the country involved, everyone suddenly turned into kings and queens of moral values.
Whichever side one was in, the internet did manage to have a lot of laugh and trolls as usual regarding the issue where Hardik and KL Rahul were trolled time and again for their KWK stint which almost singlehandedly apparently destroyed their career.
This led many to wait patiently for Karan Johar to finally break his silence in front of the public and come with a statement and that wait is finally over.
Finally Karan Johar decided to break his silence on the issue to a leading media channel and we quote –
“I feel very responsible because this was my show, my platform. I invited them as guests on the show so the ramifications and the repercussions of what happened on the show is my responsibility. I have had so many sleepless nights wondering about how I can undo the damage. Who’s going to listen to me if I even go…it has now gone into a zone that is beyond the control. When I say this I don’t defend myself. The questions that I asked the two boys are the questions I ask everyone who come on the show, including the women. Deepika and Alia who came on the show… I have asked them those questions. I have no control over the answers that come my way.”
The Dharma boss further added that
“Post the show, I have a control room of 16 to 17 girls. KWK is run entirely by women; I am the only man there. None of them came up…some said he was wild, crazy, mad, cracked. They said he was funny. None of them came and told me that Karan this is inappropriate. Maybe we should reflect on them and as I result, I did not think…”
Well seems like finally Karan has taken the right ‘call’ as his owner ship regarding the issue will definitely come of help in the case of these two young cricketers who have already faced a lot due to the controversy.. Well done KJO.

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