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Karan Singh Grover’s new fitness mantra!

Karan Singh Grover is known for his envious muscular physique and cool six-pack abs, but not many know the secret behind his ripped body.

It’s learnt that Karan has been following a new workout plan that he has customised after browsing several videos on the internet. The fitness freak has opted for a new workout regime called tyre flipping which involves working out with heavy tyres as the part of the training.

The new fitness regime that Karan has been following rigorously involves several exercises related to tyre including squat and jump sideways onto the tyre, lifting the tyre while walking, and pushups among others.

A source informs, “Besides his new fitness regimen, Karan also does yoga three to four times a week minimum. He does different kind of workouts to channelize his energies in the right direction. He will now be doing a mixture of workouts – tyre and yoga as he believes in mixng it up.


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