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Kartik Aaryan’s Publicist Dismisses The Actor’s Plan To Go Bald For A SLB Film

Admittedly, dashing dude Kartik Aaryan’s USP, apart from his charismatic screen presence and brilliant acting chops, is his chocolate boy looks and his sexy mop.

Like seriously, who doesn’t love Kartik’s hair? Right from youngsters who want to imitate his hairstyle to girls across the nation, everyone is bonkers about Kartik’s crowning glory. So, one would obviously disapprove of any idea that remotely event hints at the actor going bald, more so if you are his publicist. And that’s exactly what his publicist did when Kartik played a prank on her about going bald, at a chat show.

As a dare on the show, Kartik was asked to play a prank on his publicist. The adorably impish actor happily picked up the phone and called up his publicist – Sanchita Trivedi telling her that he has been asked to shave off his head for a film. Kartik insisted that he is required to go bald for the Tenali Raman biopic, which is being directed by none other than Sanjay Leela Bhansali. After a brief pause on the other end, Kartik’s publicist responded saying, “No. Kesa lagega Kartik? Ladkiya marte hai tere baalo pe. What nonsense!”

Well, we can hardly stop laughing.

Kartik has proved that he is not only a good-looking star with great acting abilities but also quite an impressive prankster. Lol, and we are still laughing

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