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Katrina Kaif crosses 7 Million on Instagram in a Record Time

Katrina Kaif has been reigning on Instagram ever since she made a remarkable debut with a sun-kissed picture, raking in 3.5 million followers in just a few months.

Quirky, fun and relevant , the gorgeous actress currently rules the social media space with stunning pictures, witty captions and candid moments from her life , making her account one of the most entertaining celebrity Instagram accounts.

No wonder then that Katrina Kaif has crossed the 7 million mark on Instagram in record time , in less than 9 months to be precise.

Says Katrina, “It took me a while to join Instagram. I was told that I would enjoy the interactions and follow new people I like, and that is exactly what has happened. I’m having fun. I’m sharing real moments with my followers and enjoy having a platform where I have my own voice. It is a personal reflection of me.”


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