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Kesari Film Review: The empowering sense of Nationality & Patriotism manages to keep you engaged to the core.



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Kesari as we all know is the story of the 1897 Battle of Saragarhi. It is about the bravery and fearlessness of the 36th regiment comprising of 21 Sikh soldiers.

Akshay Kumar plays the role of the quintessential leader who leads and inspires him army from the front to stop a huge number of 10000 Afghani invaders from capturing the fort of Saragarhi as it happens to be the controlling point to Gulistan & Lockhart, two other forts in Northern India under the British rule.

Henceforth, there’s a reason as to why it is regarded as one of the bravest battles ever fought in the history of warfare. 

Any movie related to warfare which talks about war but simultaneously doesn’t speak about the futility of it is a wastage of a war movie to be really honest.. This is where Kesari is successful to play it’s part as the realistic way in which bloodshed has been shown. Once again as expected if there’s anything or rather one should say anyone who carries the film in his shoulders single handedly, it is none other than Khiladi Kumar himself.     

The film although is a bit on the slower side is quite engaging as you reach the second half. Although the film doesn’t boast of a supremely well known supporting cast, the overall impact of the film does leave you teary eyed especially at the end with ‘Teri Mitti’ at the end.

To talk about Parineeti Chopra, all that can be said is her presence as an extended cameo is appreciable and noteworthy. The overall depictions & the overall big screen feeling will give you the feel of a gigantic and lively cinematic experience, good enough to prove that the producers haven’t compromised a bit to create that larger than life experience. 

The best part about the movie has been that not only does it clear the air about war being futile, it also clears the message as to say it out loud that no caste, creed or religion is a bloodseeking monster and that the war overall is saddening and so is it’s everlasting impact. 

Overall, due to the enriching experience, lively performance and for undergoing the challenge to take up this real yet unique story, CineSpeaks gives 3 stars to Kesari. 

🌟 🌟 🌟


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