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Learn How To Stay Fit While Traveling With Actress Sonal Sehgal and Dr. Anjali Hooda (Randeep Hooda’s Sister)

Randeep Hooda‘s sister, Dr. Anjali Hooda (a celebrity nutritionist) is all set to foray into digital space with Sonal Sehgal (actor/model). The popular nutritionist has collaborated with actress for a travel show where they explore Barcelona and share their ways of maintaining their health balance while traveling.

The show named The Sisterhood of Fit Girls is a 4 episode mini series. The duo plans to put out one episode each week. Every episode, crisply edited and compiled is within ten minutes. They travel their way through the city of Barcelona and show us how it’s like to stay fit while exploring the city. Says Dr. Anjali Hooda, ‪“As a metabolic doctor it is my constant struggle to break myths that fitness lies in size zero or big muscles. Eating right to stay energetic and healthy, and fun exercises to stay fit is the mantra I follow. We are showing you how it’s done in our web series.‬”

They take you on a tour of the city covering it’s little secrets and sharing the easy way to maintain your way of healthy living while enjoying your vacations. The duo is extremely excited to share their experiences as a nutritionist with an actor on a vacation is like a match made in heaven for all those who aspire to lead a healthy way of living. It gives the perfect insight into their lives and is inspiring. To which Sonal Sehgal adds, “‪On outdoor shoots, where I don’t have my gym and personal trainer and cook, as an actor I am compelled to improvise my “fitness routine “. And choose wisely from the menu available. Those are exactly the things we have applied to our vacation. You don’t have to go on a holiday and come back 10 pounds heavier!‬”.

The first episode released online on 27th March. You can watch it here :

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