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Meet the man who helps celebs acquire the right body

While actors and sports stars are often believed to be working out a lot to acquire the right kind of physique, there’s usually more to it than just exercising. Thanks to the advancement in medical science, it’s now possible to get the desired bod without even sweating it out at the gym. Dr Aamod Rao, a cosmetic and plastic surgeon trained from Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, and Brazil, tells us that he has been successfully helping several celebrities acquire the desired shape and look for over five years.

While he refuses to name the celebrities who have availed his services, Dr Rao explains, “Many actors from the South film industries, players from the Indian women’s hockey team, actors from the Canadian film industry and a lot of them from Africa have got Brazilian butt lift done by me. I’ve also had many patients from Australian for face lifts.”

Among the other treatments that his patients reach out for are body sculpting, which includes making 6-pack abs, breast surgery and vampire facial (a process in which a patient’s own blood is used for a facial that helps reduce pores and gives instant glow).

When asked if it’s some sort of a pressure when he does a surgery for a celeb, as compared to doing it for a layman, and he says, “Yes, there’s always a pressure, because they come with a celebrity tag. Plus, they usually don’t have a lot of time. They also want quick recovery, which is difficult since the body takes its own time.”

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