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Modern colony ke Bhabhi aur bhaiya ko Mehengai maar gayi!

Be it the Union budget or monthly budget, the money crunch crisis has struck every Indian and more so with half of their income devoted purely to government taxes. Curbing our wishes and desires, while the aam aadmi may have learned how to manage this issue, our loved bhaiya and bhabhi of Modern colony are in a tough spot dealing with their expenses. Highlighting this ‘gharelu’ problem is &TV’s Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai jahan pe chala budget ka problem!

The upcoming the episode showcases Vibhuti and Tiwari making all attempts to induce their wives to reduce their expenses! Where on one hand Tiwarji aka Rohitashv Gourtries to convince Angoori Shubhangi Atre to curb her ration expenses, Vibhuti Aasif Sheikh on the other is trying hard to discourage Anita Bhabhi Saumya Tandon from splurging their earnings on parties. Little do they know that they are both set to see the true side of expenditure being curbed when the bhabhis switch on their sly mode. From being served an aadhi chapathi to receiving aadha of all the luxuries, bhabhi aur bhaiyas ko Sachi mein mehengai maar gayi!

While budgetary issues and money crunch has always been a middle – class common problem, the infrequent question asked is – Do actors face a money crunch in real life too? Sharing his thoughts on the same, Rohitashv Goud said, “There is serious misperception amongst people that actors enjoy a fancy and lavish lifestyle.  Budgetary crisis and money crunch may be a middle-class problem, but it often hits us as actors too. Although our daily income ensures that we don’t have to face a crunch at a month-end basis, we often find ourselves cutting down on certain expenditures because they exceed the monthly budget set. The new amendments to the financial budget have surely put a few actors in the spot and compelled us to bring in a change in our lifestyle. Every month almost half of our earnings are utilized in paying taxes and we are left with the remaining half to support our lifestyles. While the situation is still manageable for seasoned artists, struggling actors find it quite a task to manage their daily requirements while also support their career.”

Kaise suljhaenge apne Bhaiyas aur Bhabis ye paison ki Uljhan?

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