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Movie Review: Batti Gul Meter Chalu: Between the slow pace and dragged ending, lies a beautiful story of three best friends who convey the social message related to electricity!

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Divyendu Sharma, Yami Gautam.
Director: Shree Narayan
Producer: Bhushan Kumar

Starting from the sweetest bond shared by three childhood friends, Lalita Nautiyal (Shraddha Kapoor), Vimal Bisht urf SK (Shahid Kapoor) and Tripathi (Divyendu) to ending it up in a hot atmosphere of courtroom, revolves the story of Shree Narayan’s Batti Gul Meter Chalu. Filmed at the beautiful location of Utrakhand, SK, Nauti and Tripathi are enjoying their lives to the fullest. The characters are as weird as their names. SK is a lawyer by profession who blackmails the corrupt locals who try to cheat people, thats the source of earning money for him. Tripathi plans to open his own printing press in the industrial sector of the village where there is a huge issue of electricity. Nauti desires to be a fashion designer, irony is her fashion sense itself is as funny as a clown with a tomato on his nose. The three of them share a really close bond with each other. Nauti is 27 years old girl who wishes to get married, and when her family decides to sit back, she starts discovering a groom for herself. Later she ends up with a proposal that she’ll date both of her friends for a week. SK and Tripathi both dive into this proposal and goes up to moon and back to impress her. Where SK gifts her all expensive presents, Tripathi in his poor state decides to give her the most worthy thing, that’s his time and attention. Lauti gets into relationship with Tripathi without informing SK about the same. One fine night, in a very desperate situation of nature’s call, SK watches the most terrific scene of his life, a smooch between Lauti and Tripathi. He genuinely gets hurt and decides to abandon the bond. He starts behaving weirdly, arrogantly and disrespectfully. This behavior of SK annoys Lauti which widens the crack between them. On the same lines, Tripathis printing press, UK Press receives a unbelievable electric bill which shakes him off from his core. He decides to have a word with the officials of electricity company but returns empty handed. He then decides to use his Ace of hearts, SK’s talent. But as the crack between the both was deep, SK disrespects Tripathi and sends him back. With no option left in front of him, in the debt of loans and bills, Tripathi takes the foolish decision of committing suicide. SK discovers that his friend is no more, with a fire in his eyes and heart he decides to shut the electric company off. There starts the courtroom drama where Yami’s role make a not so remarkable entry. The climax will leave you in wonders and the ending sequence will bring up a huge smile on your face. When it comes down to performance, we genuinely feel that Shahid’s performance was nail biting. He will make you laugh at the first place, and will drive you down into a serious emotion on the very next place. His character is very loud, but relatable at the same time. Talking about Shraddha Kapoor, there was nothing new which she offered with her performance, except for the good pace at the language which made her character bit interesting. Divyendu Sharma was brilliant, his character played a pivotal role for sure, and he didn’t disappoint the viewers and justified it. Talking about Yami Gautam,, she doesn’t have a huge screen space, besides her performance was not up to the mark. She could have poured more of her efforts to bring her character to life. Starting with a slow pace to a dragged ending, lies a beautiful story midway which will excite you, make you laugh, and at a certain point will also inspire you to raise your voice against the fatal. The story in undoubtedly far more interesting, you will find it quite predictable but you will be surprised at every turning. When we talk about the location, directors choose the northern region of India, just to enlighten the atmosphere of the film with the immensely beautiful scenery. Same thing is been adopted by Shree Narayan, he describes the beauty of Utrakhand with a dept which is again interesting to watch. The courtroom sequence adds a very comical touch, but again is far away from reality. One can’t act as a clown in the serious surrounding of courtroom, especially the lawyer and judge. The judge is portrayed as a typical witty behavior which somewhere sounds unreal. Apart from that, there are several flaws which can be overlooked as the story is engaging.

Cinespeaks Verdict: With a slow start of immensely beautiful friendship which takes a dip as the three of them gets involved into a love triangle. The feeling of jealousy overshadows the purity of friendship. But as the situation gets worse, Jealousy takes a backseat, and friendship gets the driving seat. The social problem of electricity in the rural region of India is been described with an ease. Bit stretched out film which not only deals with a social message, but also throws light to the importance of friendship, shows a graceful portion of the relationship which can never break apart. No doubt it gives a social message with exact facts and figures but along with that also serves the uniqueness of relationships as a desert quotient.

Cinespeaks give 3.5 stars to the film.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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