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Movie Review: Mitron: A not so unique story, with an extremely predictable wafer-thin plot and a decent comedy timing!!!

Cast: Jackky Bhagnani, Kritika Kamra, Prateek Gandhi.
Director: Nittin Kakkar
Producer: Vikram Malhotra

Nittin Kakkar’s Mitro features a carefree lazy boy named Jay (Jackky Bhagnani) who has somehow passed with his engineering studies. He literally has no goals in life. This ambition-less guy meets a headstrong woman who as an aspiring dreams of settling in Australia. But destiny have something pre-planned for them which eventually leads to merging their parts up. It’s clear that the two don’t have much in common besides their middle-class backgrounds and the fact that their parents are extremely bossy and want to get them married as soon as possible. First half just involves the conversation between Jay and Avni, where they discuss each other’s life, past and problems. As the conversation gets over, the boy realize that Avni is not a girl whom his father decides to marry him to. Later, Jay agrees to marry to the daughter of a rich businessman who basically wants her daughter to get married to a guy who can take over his business. As it is Jay is totally out of the radar, he seeks help of Avni. Both of them collectively decides to start with a business of Food Truck. They both gradually get to know each other well. Initially they were annoyed by each other, but gradually things happened and they developed feelings for each other. The first half is extremely boring and will make you feel leave the Audi as soon as possible. But the film holds an efficiency and good grip in the following second half. Second half gives an aspirational sense of touch which somewhere seems interesting to watch. Basically, Jay and Avni are two contrasting personalities who gradually are united by one common moral, prove themselves to their overbearing parents who are all about tradition and conventionality. Destiny brings them together in the journey of proving themselves, and fulfill their aspirations.
When it comes down to performances, Jackky Bhagnani does nothing new to improvise the performance scale. The typical performance for a typical hopeless role. The only thing he explored well was the language, which indeed gave a Gujarati feel. His performance was very flat, one-dimensional. Kritika Kamra on the other hand is marking her Bollywood debut with this film. Prior to this, she worked in daily soaps. She tries and does a comparatively good role. She somewhere marks her name amongst the best debuts made this year. Her accent was anyways not that proper, but that’s fine. She plays her part well as a strong woman who is vulnerable when it comes to matters of the heart.
The major thing which undoubtedly will impress the audience is songs and background score. The song is really good, and does keeps the ball spinning. Performances by Jai’s friends, debutant actors Pratik Gandhi and Shivam Parekh stand out. Pratik, especially as the cocky loser, makes for some great comic relief. She makes the time she is on-screen count. Jackky Bhagnani, on the other hand, does not. His is a very flat, one-dimensional performance. The film whereas also promotes the thought that a girl is no less then a boy. She too has equal amount of talent and courage, at times more than a guy as well. The film is a good watch if ignored few flaws away.

Cinespeaks Verdict: The film is a good watch, with a fine comedy and a not so unique story. The film will initially appear to be bit boring but later will turn out to be quite interesting.

Cinespeaks gives 3 stars to the film.

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