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Movie Review: Namaste England: The film is capable to tickle you during the emotional sequences, with poor narration and weak performances the film will surely disappoint you!!!

Cast: Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra
Director: Vipul Shah
Producer: Vipul Shah

‘Namaste England’, begins as a run-of-the-mill love story, where boy meets girl, they fall in love and quickly get married. But, the problem arises when Jasmeet (Parineeti) wishes to be a jewellery designer and Param (Arjun) can’t help her out even though he wants to. He and his father have been sworn by Jasmeet’s granddad to not let her work. Even if you do come to terms with the regressive values of the characters, the ho-hum screenplay makes ‘Namaste England’ a lot tougher to sit through. The long-drawn first half of the film just doesn’t get moving. The interval brings an unexpected twist, but then the second half dives into over-the-top comedy and melodrama. The whole premise of Param not being able to get a visa is a little too light on logic. What makes things worse is the background score, which feels like it belongs in a campy 90s comedy. The film with no logic in it dips at every turn it drives into. The twist which film expected it to be a interesting one is as predictable as a fairy tale. With no surprise elements in it, the film happens to be a tough watch. The only thing which might impress or rather try to impress the viewers is a short speach by Arjun describing India. Within first 10 minutes of the film, both Param and Jasmeet fall madly on love with each other. The quickest love story I’ve ever seen. There are films which are draghed out, there are films with a smooth drive and them there is Namaste England.

Talking about performances, even there film won’t surprise you. The film doesn’t hold much value on performance either. Parineeti Chopra seemed plastic in the first half. By second half we get habitual of her unreal acting. Besides being a out and out romantic film still missing with chemistry. There’s no such spark enlighten between the two. Despite starring opposite each other for the second time, they lack so much.

Vipul Shah earlier came up with one more film with somewhat same genre and title, Namaste London which was pretty much impressing. With a misconception of a similar level, Namaste England is a scrap! From such a phenomenal director such a film wasn’t actually expected. ‘Namaste England’ is shot in some beautiful locations across India and Europe, but the exotic setting is let down by the predictable and uninspired writing. The music, lead by tracks like ‘Bhare Bazaar’, ‘Tu Meri’ and ‘Proper Patola’, is far more entertaining than the film. ‘Namaste England’ has a lot of promise, but the film just isn’t able to shake off the ill-effects of clichéd storytelling. There isn’t even a half-hearted attempt to bring some credence to the narrative. That’s why you have a situation wherein Param has a falling out with a friend which somehow results in him not getting a visa to any destination.

Well when it comes to dialogues, the only dialogue which managed to gather few amount of attention was, Arjun describing the eternal beauty of motherland India, with comparison to that of Englishland. The plot of the film was pretty fair but the narration was extremely poor. The film had a message to convey that is nothing new. Film tried hard to convey that ‘it’s not necessary where we live, it’s important to know with whom we live.’ If the narration drived it in a better way than it could be one of the films which Vipul Shah has done justice to.

Cinespeaks Verdict: The film is a really ludicrous watch. With poor quality of story telling and not so impressive performance the film dips at every turn. You can watch it for the unconditional laughter at the emotional sequences.

Cinespeaks gives 1.5 stars.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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