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Movie Review of Fanney Khan

Cast: Anil Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, Rajkumar Rao, Pihu Sand, Divya Dutta.
Director: Atul Manjrekar
Producer: Bhushan Kumar

Atul Manjrekar’s directorial debut, Fanney khan does well in terms of comedy but is knocked out in terms of story lineup. The story falls weak and the content was not showcased in an appealing manner. The father is forcing his unfulfilled dreams to his daughter. Which somewhere or the other conveys wrong message to the society. The film is an adaptation of the Hollywood movie named, Everybody’s Famous. Being an typical adaptation, director fails to implement the adaptation. Prashant Sharma (Anil Kapoor) works tirelessly in a factory and is the occasional lead singer of a local neighborhood band.He is an adoring father and husband whose energy comes from his love for music. Prashant worships Mohammed Rafi and Shammi Kapoor and his alter ego, Fanney Khan, is a rock star in his chawl. That’s as far as his dream of becoming a professional singer went. He leaves no efforts to make his daughter Lata an overnight star. Lata is always criticized for her plus size body. Because of her body and her looks, her talented is ignored and underestimated. Her mother Kavita (Divya Dutta) is a supportive realist. Lata has no affection with her father, the reason is not justified till the end of the movie. Somewhere between them is the testy Lata, who is unappreciative of her father’s encouragement and intentions yet has her own delusions of grandeur. We don’t really get a sense of whether she truly has what it takes till the climax though, which makes it even harder to root for Lata. She has to face huge failures at the initial stage of her singing career. Soon, situations get worsen when Prashant looses his job in the factory. He is forced to be the taxi driver to earn his daily bread. Like everyone in the country, Lata too is a huge fan of pop star Baby Singh (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan).Somewhere between losing his factory worker job and composing tunes for an album he envisions for Lata, Fanney ends up kidnapping Baby. His only accomplice is the sweet simpleton Abhir (Rajkummar Rao). Abhir is a comical character, who ends up falling in love with Baby. During the kidnapping, Abhir and Baby starts flirting with each other. Baby wants a holiday and she is shown way too comfortable in her own kidnapping. Which appears pretty crazy in terms of reality. Baby is a little too chilled as a hostage. If the idea was to suggest that she actually felt freer in bondage, then that needed to be fleshed out better. Baby and Adhir ends up comforting each other. Adhir is in charge of guarding Baby and that looks pretty much stupid. As Baby’s manager, Kakkad, he is unable to rock the spiked hair, and with the additional accessory of light contact lenses, he’s just creepy. The climax unfolds during a reality show. Besides body-shamming the film gives a message that its fine to break laws in order yo bless your young ones with shortcut to fame. Later, whatever happens to hardwork, beliefs and rules? The story is disappointing. In spite of having a great theme of body-shaming, film ends up with a weak performance. In spite of a weak script with some directing inconsistencies, Fanney Khan had room to be an enjoyable comedy or satire. Instead it careened towards over-the-top melodrama with debatable messaging.


Anil Kapoor:
As always, Anil Kapoor has nailed his role this time as well, proving that he is the finest and most versatile Actor in the industry. Prashant Sharma’s role was very well justified by him. His humour timing is good and Anil Kapoor’s fans should not miss this film.

Rajkumar Rao: Considering his previous movies, Rajkumar is the most capable actor, but in Fanney Khan he’ll disappoint his fans. His acting was not upto the mark. He has a huge caliber but in this film he underperformed considering his absolutely fine movies in recent past.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Her role as a celebrity in the movie was not at all justified. She is playing the role which is very relatable to her life still she fails to make proper justice to it. Her role as Paro in Devdas was probably the last role which managed to gather huge appreciation.

Divya Dutta: She didn’t get a huge screen space but still she manages to do a decent acting as a mother and as a wife. She plays a quite vital role and does a great job throughout. Her fans will surely praise her and appreciate her role in the film.

Direction: Atul Manjrekar’s debut film happens to be a not so successful film. He misses a lot in terms of story lineup, script and direction. The film has a strong point of body-shaming and could have been much better.

Background score and Music: Songs are good. Considering a movie based on music, there are no chartbusters yet. There was an expectation of a blockbuster song from the film where Fanney Khan disappointed us. The last song was quite melodious though.

Cinespeaks gives 2.5 stars to the film.

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