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Movie Review of For here or to go

Cast: Ali Fazal, Melanie Chandra, Omi Vaidya, Amitosh Nagpal, Rajit Kapur.
Director: Rucha Humnabadkar
Producer: Rishi Bhilawadikar, Rucha Humnabadkar, Vineeta Sinha, CC Chainey.

Rucha Humnabadkar’s For Here or To Go revolves around the story of an Indian who is residing in America. Ali Fazal in the lead playing the role of Vivek Pandit who is desperate to get the green card so that his visa gets extended and he gets the Permanent Residence (PR) to stay in that country. He lives with two more people who also suffer the same scenario. This story will surely help Indians to understand that what is the situation of Indians overseas. It’s basically the story of an Indian enterpreneur fighting the American Immigration system. The movie aims the young lads who wishes to settle abroad. The movie tries to convince the audience that even India has many problems and younger generation should stay on India rather going abroad and solve the problems in India. A story very well franed and displayed. With such a serious topic director has made immense efforts to add some comical addings to make it more likely to watch.

Ali Fazal:
He has already acted in several movies. Ali Fazal is playing the character of Vivek Pandit who struggles a lot to get the green card in America. He shows some love interests towards Melanie Chandra who is playing the character of shweta against him. The chemistry between the two didn’t seem to be interesting to watch. Overall Ali tried his best and performed pretty well.

Melanie Chandra: She is playing the lead against Ali. Shweta is the daughter of Vishwanath who is an author and who supports the fact that younger generation should set back in India and help India prosper instead of moving abroad. Shweta didn’t had a huge role to play except for being the love interest of Vivek.

Amitosh Nagpal: He is playing the comical character of Amit who is bit stress-free. He is one of the roommates of Vivek. He is sort of an interesting character. He performed his role very well.

Omi Vadiya: He plays the character of Viveks friend Lakshmi. He later in the movie comes along with Vivek to stay at his place. He is again playing a very serious character. He is highly worried about the green card. Later he manages to achieve it.

Direction: Rucha Humnabadkar has really put forward a great thought in an impressive manner. She has showcased the current scenario of Indians struggling in overseas. Director has made all fine efforts to make this movie both, Entertaining as well as inspiring.
Cinespeaks verdict to this film is 3.5 Stars.


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