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Movie Review: Pataakha: Antonym of disappointments and synonym of perfection, Pataakha is a bomb of love which will explode on the following weekend

Cast: Radhika Madan, Sanya Malhotra, Vijay Raaz, Sunil Grover.
Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Producers: Vishal Bhardwaj, Rekha Bhardwaj, Dheeraj Wadhavan, Ajay Kapoor, Ishan Saksena

Vishal Bhardwaj’s Pataakha is based on an acclaimed short story by renowned writer Charan Singh Pathik named, ‘Do Behnein’ starring Radhika Madan as Champa Kumari urf Badki and Sanya Malhotra as Genda Kumari urf Chutki. Right from the childhood, the two sisters are thirsty for each other’s blood. They literally crawl upon each other and can go up to moon and back to annoy each other. The father of both notorious daughters portrayed by Vijay Raaz is fed up of their usual fights. But he is an extremely loving father, who wants his daughters to be happy. He eventually plans to get his daughters married, besides their happiness, he was also facing the financial crisis. Henceforth he plans to fix the marriage with Tharki Patel, in return of the marriage, he’ll be receiving pretty good amount of penny. On the wedding day, the bride runs away with their respective lovers with the help of Dipper portrayed by Sunil Grover. He loves to add fuel in the fire, but he also is a great friend to trust upon. He helps her to flee the wedding trap set by her father accidentally. When they felt relieved of getting rid of each other, destiny happens to flip the page. The grooms with whom they got married to happen to be brothers. They again have to bear each other in a new relation now. Soon, Bapu comes to meet Chutki and Badki and forcefully warns them that if they will fight with each other than they shall see their father dead. Scared of the scenario, both Chutki and Badki sustains themselves from fighting with each other. This makes themselves lifeless. Even after giving birth to their own kids, they’re not happy eternally. They don’t feel that satisfaction. Soon due to some reasons, they get apart for some time. As they haven’t fought with each other, Badki and Chutki goes blind and dumb psychologically. Later, Dipper realizes that it’s because they haven’t argued each other, abused each other, and crawled upon each other. He later creates the environment where they both come across each other, pours their heart full of emotions out by abusing each other. Later they end up hugging each other really tight.

The film shows the true synonym of eternal love between two sisters. They become blind and dumb without having a glimpse of each other and without abusing each other. Vishal Bhardwaj leaves no stones unturned to deliver the actual mix emotions to the audience. The viewers smile and feel delighted, at times because of the humor, at times because of love. Besides the love of two sisters, film also delivers the feeling of true love of a father towards his daughters. Also, a friend who does all good things with a bad approach. It’s a debut film for Radhika Madan and keeping that in mind, she has done a fantabulous job! Bollywood has marked really huge numbers of debut this year, including star kids. But Radhika hits the bar and will shake you from your core by her dedicated performance. Sanya Malhotra, who received huge amount of praises from Dangal where her role was overpowered by Fatima gets the liberal opportunity to discover the screen space to the fullest. She proves that she deserves to be in the list of best actresses time and again. She somewhere give a huge competition to Alia Bhatt for her role in Udta Punjab. The language used in the film is not at all an easy one. There are several tongue twisters, words which go above the head. Both of them have actually visited the village and learnt the language, the customs performed by the villagers and activities which they do on a daily basis. The dedication towards the role is crystal clear with their performances. There was a sequence, where they’ve gained around 10KG of weight which is a really impressive task. Compromising with the physique is not at all an acceptable task or the celebrities but they don’t mind doing it for such a brilliant film. Sunil Grover who has made us laugh will also make you cry at a certain point. His character is as interesting as he himself. With no flaws in his performance, he delivers his best and proves that besides comedy, he has mastered the art of acting as well. Vijay Raaz who has played the hilarious roles in the recent past is seen in a serious character. He has justified the role of a dad in the film, which is relatable to all of us around. Concluding with the performance section, film is an antonym of disappointment.
Vishal Bhardwaj is known for the dark films which he did in the past brings up something really fresh and fantastic! His direction and point of view is amazing which we all admit. The dialogues are the armor of the film, concept is its swords and Vishal is the helmet. In absence of any, the film could have been a huge failure but, fortunately it isn’t.

Cinespeaks Verdict: A really refreshing content with some brilliant performances on board, Bhardwaj’s Pataakha sets the bar high for its competitor Sui Dhaga starring Varun-Anushka. Radhika Madan marks a huge debut in terms of performance and we hope it does the same in terms of box-office numbers as well.

Cinespeaks give 4 stars to the film.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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