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Movie Review- Section375 : A classic case of the miuse of law

Cast : Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadda, Meera Chopra, Rahul Bhat

Director : Ajay Bahl

Ratings :

Section 375 of IPC as we all know deals with the all important rape laws of the country. Yes IPC has its own strict parameters about the rape laws but what’s the ground reality? Are they being followed? Are they having any positive ramification? Primarily, no. Section 375 is a movie which tells you why and how. Read to find out

The movie and the screenplay starts with how Anjali Dangle aka. Meera Chopra, who belongs to a middle class family in Mumbai is attracted by the glitz and glamour of the fashion world and sees herself as an aspiring costume designer in the film industry. She gets her first break as an assistant costume designer for director Rohan Khurana ably played by Rahul Bhat. The opening sequence shows how Anjali is been asked to go to Rohan’s house for showing the costumes and in the process gets physically harassed and molested.

A devasted Anjali breaks apart into tears and shock and comes home to inform his brother about the same. Although his brother as in a dialogue says that he wanted to break his face, his parents stop him and choose the other way as to filing an FIR with the police. After few hours, the police arrest Rohan and being a director in Bollywood, the country lashes at him for commiting rape against an aspirant who seeked professional benefit from him. As per medical reports and investigations, his sperm and semen has been found inside the woman’s vagina and injury marks on thighs and a lot of things which clearly shows rape.

Rohan’s wife then pleads Tarun Saluja aka. Akshaye Khanna, a very popular and experienced lawyer to fight the case. Although initially a bit hesitant, Tarun finally takes up his case after being convinced about the fact that be it whatever, Rohan isn’t guilty of ‘rape’ after finding several loopholes in the investigation.

Thus the courtroom drama begins and the case swings from one side to the other. On one hand, it clearly looks like it’s forceful penetration and rape, Akshaye Khanna and his multiple antics also kinda prove that it was actually Anjali Dangle and Rohan Khurana who were having an affair and the marks were out of passionate and creative sex and not rape. Now ultimately what the case is something you need to find out only after watching the movie.

CineSpeaks Verdict: The story, direction and the screenplay of the movie is strong especially when it deals with the case of rape. It does a good job in establishing the reality of how women who are actually raped are treated are examined and made to go through multiple rounds of investigating trauma of the past, especially with some really personal and embarrassing questions. However the con is it tries to put in too much of an effort when it comes to twisting the facts. Yes it does add value to the narrative but also it might take away focus from the real issue as to how Section 375 of the IPC should actually be used and how it shouldn’t be misused.Overall,the movie deals with a very complicated and sensitive subject of rape and it’s after effects and hence it is something every woman should see and most importantly, every man should see to understand what a woman has to go through when she is raped. Overall a must watch in order to understand in depth about the senstivity of such situations. Director Ajay Bahl does a good job in establishing that. However the saving grace and the best part is Akshaye Khanna who once again nails it with his performance. Richa Chadda although tries her best to showcase herself has limited scope, blame the script or director or the screeplay.However to look at the larger scheme of things, it’s a must watch for all of you to understand the difference between ‘justice’ and the ‘business of law’.

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