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Movie Review: Tumbbad: With an impressive imagination and absolutely magnificent Cinematography, the film justifies the genre and becomes the rarest Bollywood film to accomplish it!!!

Cast: Sohum Shah, Anita Date, Mohammad Samad, and Ronjini Chakraborty
Directors: Rahi Anil Barve, Adesh Prasad
Producers: Aanand. L. Rai, Soham Shah.

Rahi Anil Barve’s directorial debut, Tumbbad happens to be Bollywood’s rarest horror film which won’t disappoint you. “There is a sufficiency in the world for a man’s need but not enough for man’s greed.”, Soham Shah starrer horror fantasy film keeps you on the edge and intrigued till the very end. Leaving the comedy-thriller and supernatural genre behind, this tale of Anand. L. Rai’s provides new elements that will not only lure the audience within five minutes of its screening but also promise a spine-chilling drama. The film stars Sohum Shah and Anita Date in pivotal roles, while it is directed by Rahi Anil Barve and Adesh Prasad. The film is not simple a thriller or horror or fantasy or a historic period drama, the film merges every genre to give rise to a new genre in itself. The film serves Indian folktales with a fine touch of mythological beliefs, some terribly horrifying scenes with a great sense of thriller and an impressive fantasy.

Based on a fictitious village titled ‘Tumbbad’, the film is set during the 19th century that revolves around Mother Earth’s first child named ‘Hastar’ who was cursed by the other deities for being too greedy. The film is a combination of horror, fantasy, and Indian folktales, that somehow due to the amalgamation creates its own genre. One can say that ‘Tumbbad’ is definitely out of the box and can be tagged as the film that will pave the path of cinematic revolution. With a brilliant start, ‘Tumbbad’ wraps you in its spell within the first five minutes. The story will keep you excited to know more, the dark sides of the universe is being revealed.
The film begins in a village called ‘Tumbbad’, where a widowed mother lives with her two sons– Sadashiv and Vinayak, with chilling scenes of an unknown entity. The family leads a life of misery and sadness due to the great-grandmother of the family, who has turned into an everlasting agony, after an incident that takes place in the ‘Wada’. Soon after that, the historical anecdote fast-forwards to 15 years later, where Vinayak (Sohum Shah) returns to the village in the quest for gold, given that in his early years of childhood he had heard that the ‘Wada’ contains a treasure filled with gold coins that is hidden in the womb of mother earth. In the spine-chilling quest of gold, he achieves what he desired for. But as the saying goes, to achieve something, you’ve to give away something. Similarly, here the curse of Hastar, proves to be the blessing for Tumbbad village. The climax of the film will surely leave you in the wonders of a perfect end. The film has a strong plot, absolutely fascinating cinematography which will make you applaud. The horrific characters are well designed and nowhere lacks in giving the horrific experience.

While the film’s premise is entirely original, a mutant granny who metamorphosis’s into a head with serpentine roots that cling from the ceiling to the floor is surely a visual inspired from David Lynch’s acclaimed short film The Grandmother. To begin with, the devil here is surely in the detail, give the surreal world of Tumbbad a distinguished edge. An issue with Indian horrors has been lack of imagination. A treasure chest that offers a gateway into a goddess’ womb, a cursed undead whose heart beats even while the body has disintegrated and several such constructs cover this concern. The bloody creature which appears absolutely realistic adds cherry on the top.

Cinespeaks Verdict: The plot is amazing no doubt with the support of full-fledged spine thrilling cinematography and a greay imagination in this genre, Tumbbad serves a good watch. But every film has some flaws, this one seems to be bit dragged out at places, no doubt regains the grip soon possible. The film is impressive in terms of graphics for sure!

Cinespeaks gives 3.5 stars to the film.

Written by: Aakash Gala

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