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Music Director Vickey Prasad is all set to go places with Toilet Ek Prem Katha.


Vickey Prasad, who hails from Buxar, Bihar and completed his studies from North East remembers that he had first performed the song “Chalte Chalte Mere Yeh Geet Yaad Rakhna ” at the age of 3 at a farewell party of a teacher who rewarded him with a five rupees note. Since then his journey of music started and Vickey used to play drums, and wanted to learn keyboard but failed due to some unfavorable economical conditions and lack of opportunities, when he was in Class IV. “My family loved music and managed to collect lots of tape cassettes. I used to listen to the songs again and again until I got bored. every time after such moment I always wanted something new to listen but due to unavailability of songs in the market I always had to compromise with the situation”, says Vickey.

Vickey says that he used to write poetry since very young age. It was 2001 when he was in Class VIII, when there was no new song in the market to listen, an idea struck in his mind to make my own songs and he started to compose and sing his own tune. “I was so happy to sing it again and again. Next morning when I woke, I tried to remember my tune but, it was gone. A few times such things happened with me. One day though he was not musically trained vocally nor instrumentally, he used to play a bit of flute and started writing his melodies with the help of flute in “SARGAM”. Vickey collected some money in order to buy a walkman with recording button and started recording his voice and listening to it.

Vickey tried his best to learn music but faced failure due financial condition up to 12th standard and decided to move to the North, where he pursued music basics in guitar apart from graduation in English literature and psychology. “In 2010 I moved to Delhi to do P.G. Diploma in sound engineering along with music production course. For 1 year after my diploma did some freelance works, and in February, 2012 moved to Mumbai, after trying to make some contacts via face book. I started contacting people and did meetings for 3 months, but realizing the financial crisis, he decided to get a job to survive. I worked in KFC for 1 and half month. It was like a nightmare for me as I never thought of doing a regular job in my entire life. So I left the job after collecting my salary and promised myself that if I earn even a single rupee in my life then it will be from music”.

Within a week Vickey got his first project as a music arranger. Since then he has seen various ups and downs but the period from 2013 to 2014 was very harsh. It was almost 4 years since he hadn’t seen his mom and family and had no money even to feed himself meal. His deposit money of the room was also about to finish so he decided to visit his home for a change and returned to Mumbai with a fresh energy, especially as he was continuously getting calls from a client for a small project since then, he kept working on different projects. It was September when he ended up doing a small project and by the end herealized he has worked throughout the yeare and there was nothing fruitful not even earned a respected sum. The year was about to end, just three months remained then I thought only some miracle can do something. When he realized that only a miracle can do something, on 4th of October, he received a call from Friday Films and one of his mentor named Mr. Manoj Rajdutt asked him to come to the given address. “When I got the chance to make scratches I promised myself that I will not let the opportunity go. With the grace of God and blessings of elders, I got the chance which every struggling musician only dreams of”.

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