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Naam Shabana : A prequel to BABY

One woman that inspired us all and changed the dynamics of saving herself is undoubtedly Taapsee Pannu in Neeraj Pandey BABY. She had the capability to save herself from another man and even get put the information she needed. However, her part in the movie was too less for the audience. We definitely wanted more and was expecting a sequel to the film.

Much to our happy surprise, Pandey chose to make a prequel to let us know what led this young lady to be a part of BABY. Naam Shabana is the prequel to the much celebrated BABY. Official trailer has been out and man we want more!!!

Taapsee looks incredibly stunning, making her moves with ease. We don’t see Rana Duggabati but there is Manoj Bajpayi. Akshay and Anupam Kher are in the same roles (they look to be) as in the movie that came before.

Watch the trailer and find out for yourself how you liked it!!!

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