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Noor draws massive connect to the younger audience

The team of ‘Noor’ have been successful in creating a brilliant strategy before the release of their upcoming film “Noor” on the 21st April, 2017.

From its ongoing campaign, ‘Noor’ clearly connects with a massive set of younger audience since it has a special & different kind of media strategy. The digital integrations have managed to attract youngsters & build a certain curiosity level around Sonakshi Sinha’s character ‘Noor’ who plays a journalist in the film. Through these what they have done is managed to bring out Noor’s character very effectively.

In the recently released video on YouTube channel FilterCopy which has been highly trending, Noor (Sonakshi Sinha), through her routine day at work takes us through a river of thoughts that cross our mind daily at work. The video is titled ‘Thoughts We All Have In Office’. Since Noor in the film is a 20-something journalist who has issues with her job, this video highlights the same issues that we all would have faced irrespective of the job that one does, thus establishing a connect with the youth and getting one to delve more into Noor’s life and her set of issues that one could relate to. The video is real and relatable to anyone who works in an office environment.

The Link to the YouTube video is available here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9IphxbRTr0

In another funny video which went viral on YouTube and was well received, Noor met Shagz Di aka Mallika Dua. As Noor plays a journalist who is relegated to covering social events and banal fodder in the film as part of ‘her job’, here, she is seen interviewing comedian Mallika Dua reluctantly as she has some other plans with her friend Saad (Kanan Gill) & is left with no option but to do the interview.

Here’s the link to the video -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl52Xmsznpc

Teens and 20-somethings are all about wrong turns, missed opportunities, and a love life that is funnier than their pay cheques. In an exclusive rap video for BuzzFeed, Noor gets sporty & raps on Life Advice, stressing on the importance of being yourself and being free to do your own thing in a very fun yet cool & chic way.

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