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Nora fatehi and zenia Starr exclusively on Cinespeaks for their film my birthday song

Ex-Miss India Australia Zenia Starr and reality show star Nora Fatehi feature together in a Samir Soni film ‘My Birthday Song’ alongside acclaimed actor Sanjay Suri. This psychological thriller features the ladies connected with Sanjay Suri’s character as the mystery of the night of his birthday unfolds. While Zenia plays the wife, Nora plays a seductress who seems to turn over the world for the central character. We had a chat with these gorgeous. Let’s find out what they had to say:

Speaking on her upcoming film, Zeina Starr said, “My Birthday Song is a properly made film and a true psychological thriller. I had an amazing working experience with the entire cast and crew of the film. Sanjay Suri and Samir Soni are respected actors in the industry and I feel blessed that I got an opportunity to work with them. I had an easy working atmosphere on the sets of the film because of Sanjay’s clarity in direction”.

Speaking on the genre of the film which is a psychological thriller, Nora Fatehi said, “I think its a first Hindi film which is in the genre of a proper psychological thriller. The audience today is extremely smart and are willing to watch films which are performance and content oriented. My Birthday Song is that kind of film which is true to it’s genre of a proper psychological thriller.”

When we questioned Nora on her views about director Samir Soni, Nora said, “Samir is easy to work with. His sense of direction is absolutely amazing. His style of instructing the actors on set is understanding and clear. He respected me very on the shoot and was always encouraging.”

Speaking on the music of the film, Zeina said, “Music of the film is amazing and not at all forced into the story. There are no item songs. The music is situational and is self explanatory. The audience will enjoy the music and the mood.”
Post My Birthday Song, Zeina Starr will be next seen in an Australian Comedy.

My Birthday Song is scheduled to release on January 19.

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