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#Nostalgia- Sanjay Dutt’s throwback photo on his late father’s birthday!

If Bollywood is regarded as a kingdom of controversies, Sanjay Dutt is without any doubt the king of it. 

Some of the controversies were called for whereas some were unexpected. However, whatever be the matter, Sanjay has been through it all. 

From getting addicted to drugs and cocaine to getting involved in terrorism related cases, life has not been easy for Sanjay who has had to lead a tough life to fight against the odds of addiction to once again revive himself as a person and also his career. 

A lot of his real life journey from his addiction till his bail from the Yervada jail has been shown in Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Sanju’ enacted by Ranbir Kapoor. What is a special matter of fact is for the longest period of time in this difficult and challenging journey, if there’s one man who has stood beside Sanjay like a pillar, it’s his father, the late and respected, Sunil Dutt. 

From doing his best to get Sanjay rid of his addictions to fighting his best to get him out of jail, Sunil Dutt has done it all. No wonder, his place as a father and fighter in Sanjay’s life is entirely different and special.

On the occasion of Sunil Dutt’s birthday, Sanjay shared a special photograph of him and his father as he wrote, 
Happy Birthday Dad. I miss you! https://t.co/nv86RjT7au

The picture is indeed touching and no wonder it shows Sanjay’s pain and how much he misses the late Sunil Dutt. God bless the lovely departed soul.  


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