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‘October’ Movie Review: Varun Dhawan Shines Through Shoojit Sircar’s Dragged Emotional Saga

– Yaser Khan

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Banita Sandhu
Direction: Shoojit Sircar

Varun Dhawan enters a new arena where he sheds his ‘star’ image to feature in promising director Shoojit Sircar’s ‘October’ where he’s paired with debutant Banita Sandhu all the way from UK.

Story: We follow the daily chores of Delhi’s Radisson Blu’s trainees Danish Walia aka Dan (played by Varun Dhawan) and Shuili (played by Banita Sandhu), specifically. Dan is the senior most trainee who is fed up with the weekly routines he’s put into and is irritated with his rotations. He believes he’s made for more but is given menial jobs like cleaning and guest relations. The ‘always frustrated’ is once missed by Shuili at a party immediately after which she falls down the railing after questioning ‘Where’s Dan?’. The next day all her colleagues decide to visit her at the hospital & Dan becomes the last one to do so. He strikes a chord with Shuili’s coma condition and feels dedicated towards her. He visits her everyday risking his demanding job. The intensity of his sentiments grow when he finds out he was the last person she asked for before the accident. He goes onto the extend of taking loans from his friends to support her medical expenses. It is him who infact motivates her family to keep her alive and have hope in her recovery. Will Dan’s selfless love bring Shuili back to her normal self? Will Dan risk his entire career in his dedication towards Shuili’s recovery? Will Dan lose or discover himself in this whole process? That’s what needs to be found out!



This is a Varun Dhawan film and not because he’s dancing, acting or doing his regular comedy but because he’s proving to be a great actor who has the ability to balance a film on his shoulders with the depth in his performance. He gives you moments to smile and laugh at in an otherwise sad film. There’s innocence in the macho man that we know of.

Banita Sandhu shows no spark in her role but her controlled emotions as a bed ridden patient are commendable.

Music and Dialogues: Shantanu Moitra’s background score unfortunately fails to create the magic he’s known for. It sounds one toned and has no variations to different emotions. A film with no songs has to have a strong background score but with this film he fails to do that. The dialogues of the film have the Delhi accent to them and connect with the youth very easily where it tries to give the sense of togetherness and warmth in this social media generation.


Direction: Shoojit Sircar unfortunately delivers his weakest film with ‘October’. While it tries hard to connect the audiences emotionally it gets a tad bit boring and dragged. But the pace of recovery shown for a coma patient whose fallen from the 3rd floor is very much believable. Even if it’s a Bollywood film, Juhi Chaturvedi’s screenplay doesn’t comprise on depicting a real world scenario, you’re also given an insight on choosing between life and death when hopelessness strikes. The life span of Shuili is metaphoric to the essence of jasmine flowers that start blossoming from the month of October. They are born, they spread freshness and positivity and then fade away. There will be two types of audiences who shall come out of the theatres, those who hate the film and those who can’t get over the brilliance of the film. But despite strong performances, it falls flat on the entertainment value. The editing should have been better to pack the film with lesser dull moments, some scenes tend to come across as repetitive and unnecessary. It’s only when you take back the film home and reflect over it is when it shall make more and more sense. The cinematography is breathtaking especially the way Manali is captured. The climax breaks your heart but in the film it leaves an imprint like that of a flower in a book.

Cinespeaks Verdict: If you want to watch Varun Dhawan for the ‘actor’ that he is, if you want to cry your heart out and connect to people more emotionally, then you should watch this film once, but if masala films is your source for having a good time, then you can avoid watching this one. Cinespeaks gives ‘October’ 2.5 Stars out of 5.

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