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Official trailer of Padmavati has left us awestruck and totally mesmerized.

Finally the long wait is over as the trailer of the most anticipated and very much awaited film of the year Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’ has finally been released by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures on their official youtube page few hours back.

Since it’s a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film it is expected that even this film like his previous films will just be larger than life which can be seen in the trailer as well. This trailer has now created a very strong buzz, thrill and curiosity among film critics, fans and film industry as to how this film is really going to be.

From the film trailer we can say that all the three main characters are looking very stunning, daring, royal, fierce, regal, heroic, beautiful and visually very appealing to the core and the film is set in Rajasthan i.e. Chittorgarh of the ancient times where we saw that the entire setting of the film was looking very larger than life, royal, and elegant as well. But we now wonder what will happen when the film releases and people get to the see the whole film. The trailer of film Padmavati is just like the tip of the ice berg as the entire feature film is yet to be revealed.

Padmavati is said to be a very high budget expensive film as the entire making of film has costed approximately 140 crores. The music of film has been given by ace director Sanjay Leela Bhansali himself and we can just wait to see how the music of film would be. but we know his film’s songs and music will be nothing but the best which we have seen and got to know from the trailer of the film.

Deepika Padukone plays the role of Rani Padmavati of Chittor the wife to King Ratan Singh in the film who’s very royal, loyal, compassionate, and fierce for their kingdom and her husband in the trailer of film. Shahid Kapoor plays the role of Maharawal Ratan Singh the Rajput crowned King of Chittor Palace in Rajasthan who’s very royal, loyal and fierce looking when it comes to his kingdom and his wife that we saw in trailer as well. Ranveer Singh plays the role of Sultan Allaudin Khilji from Mughal Dynasty who’s very cruel, and arrogant by nature which we saw in the trailer.

From the looks of the trailer we can say that the looks of the 3 main characters in it have been completely transformed into something so stunning and out of the world which just left us very speechless and spellbound as well. We couldn’t believe at first that it was Deepika as Rani Padmavati, Shahid Kapoor as Maharawal Ratan Singh, and Ranveer Singh as Sultan Allaudin Khilji in the film.

From the trailer itself we can see that its basically a historical romantic period drama saga that tells about the love triangle story between Rani Padmavati, Maharawal Ratan Singh and Sultan Allaudin Khilji where Rani Padmavati and Maharawal Ratan Singh are husband wife and then how due to entry of Sultan Allaudin Khilji everything between the husband wife changes which in end leads to a big tussle and gruelling war that causes bloodshed of both their armies between Maharawal Ratan Singh and Sultan Allaudin Khilji.

We wish the entire team of Padmavati all the very best for their film that’s releasing on 1st December 2017.

Link to the trailer of the film –

By Vrinda Mundara.

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