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Phamous Movie Review: A paper thin storyline with weak performances

Cast:- Jimmy Shergill,l Kay Kay menon, Jackie shroff, Pankaj tripathi, Shriya Saran
Director:- Karan Lalit Bhutani
Producer:- Raj Khatri

Karan Bhutani’s Phamous is an Hindi romantic crime drama starring Jimmy Shergill and Shriya Saran as lead. Kay Kay Menon, Jackie Shroff and Pankaj Tripathi are also seen as the supporting role in the movie.The film’s story displays the dramatization of love lust and crime. The film showcases the act of strong sexual desire of a minister of chambal village who is associated with the local goon who holds immense power.
Kadak singh the local goon of Chambal village who has a strong dominance over the villagers kills the daughter of Shambhu Singh at her wedding night. Shambhu singh decides to take a perfect revenge from kadak singh. Radhe, a local kid who loves his teacher Rosey. Rosey is killed by Ram Vijay Tripathi, the man full of lust and partner of kadak singh who later becomes the minister of Chambal village. Radhe gets very furious when he finds out the same. At the same time radhe is been attacked by kadak singh. Assuming him dead kadak singh leaves the area. Radhe survives the attack and is taken by local cops for investigation. The cops get kadak singh under custody. Radhe saves kadak singh by not recognizing him in front of the cops. Therefore radhe comes in a close contact with kadak singh. After a time leap of few years Radhe gets married to Lalli, daughter of a landlord. Ramvijay tripathi is under arrest for accuse of rosey’s death. He finally comes out after years of the incident with the help of Kadak Singh’s power and dominance. He later gets his eyes on Lalli, radhe’s beloved wife. Lalli doesn’t likes radhe being friend with kadak singh. Radhe still continues to be his friend. Radhe and Ramvijay Tripathi crawls over each other during the drink session. Ramvijay Tripathi makes a plan to kill radhe and get intimate with his beloved wife. Radhe comse to know about his evil plan and later picks the gun to kill him. But unfortunately lacking in power he is beaten up badly and is buried. Later with the help of Shambu singh he survives and he kills Ramvijay Tripathi and kadak singh.


Jimmy Shergill:- Performing in the lead role Jimmy did perform well but it could have been much more better. Looking at past performances by Jimmy this one wasn’t upto the mark.
Kay Kay Menon:- Performing in the negative role Kay Kay Menon complete nailed his role. The evil look he adopted to be the dominant goon was appreciated. The language transformation was really very good. There couldn’t be any better adoption than this.
Jackie Shroff:- No doubt that Jackie Shroff again put the show on fire with his magnificent acting. He was seen in a supporting role and he narrated the whole story. The way he present his dialogues is simple wow.
Shriya Saran:- Being in the lead role female, Shriya had a very small role to play. The acting which was expected from the lead actor didn’t stand the expectations. Looking at her previous hits like Shivaji the boss and Drishyam she could have been acted the way better than this.
Direction:- Karan lalit Bhutani is making his debut as Director with this film. The performance was at a low mark overall. The story line wasn’t that interesting. Direction needs improvement. Movie could have been better than this.

Cinespeaks Verdict: Overall, this film is not that great. It could have been much better and well executed. We give a rating of 2 stars.

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