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Police refuses to file complaint of aspiring actress against Casting Director, Vicky Sidana, the actor and her lawyer cry foul!

Actress Kritika Sharma has blasted Versova Police station for refusing to file her FIR against Bollywood Casting Director, Vicky Sidana for alleged case of rape and molestation.

Kritika had earlier mentioned how she was being considered for a role in 2013 by Sidana who had called her to Mumbai from Delhi to meet Luv Ranjan’s assistant, Rahul Modi.

As Kritika didn’t have money then to stay, she was asked to stay at Sidana’s place which she thought would be safe and fine for all the right reasons since Sidana lived with his wife.. However her thought ended in an horror. It was during that brief stay she was allegedly sexually harassed and she recounts that whenever she would threaten to leave, Sidana would apologize.

However the worst was yet to come. Things took an uglier turn when Sidana told her that they’d have to go and meet Modi at his home at Yari Road. When they reached the said building, Sidana called her upstairs. “There was nobody inside… he pushed me on the bed, took off his pants and sat on my chest with his butt facing my face and kept telling me to lick his a**… right after that he pulled off my pants and started forcing himself on me. I kept struggling… realising that I am not giving in, he stepped back. He said wash your face and leave for the airport right now,” she wrote in the complaint.

She went on further to say that the she was harassed by the police who asked her questions after questions but refused to write her FIR as it is apparently an old case of 2013 so there will need to be an investigation first and then FIR..

However Kritika’s lawyer has claimed that the police has violated the Supreme Court guidelines in the Lalita Kumari versus the Government of Uttar Pradesh case, Sharma’s lawyer Ashutosh Srivastava said that the police were duty bound to file the FIR.

While we wait to hear Sidana who has chosen not to respond as apparently ‘advised’ by his lawyers, we expect the police to be more empathetic and polite towards the victims instead of cross questioning them with unwanted stuff and bothering them further.

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