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Pratham Kumar: I am getting a positive response for my role in Mahakaali

Actor Pratham Kunwar, who plays the role of Chandra Dev in Siddharth Kumar Tewary‘s Mahakaali – Anth Hi Aarambh Hai, says that he loves being part of the show. The actor says that he has had an incredible journey till now in the show. “It’s been a great journey. I have really enjoyed playing Chandra Dev,” he says, adding, “I have got a very positive response to my role and I’m happy about it.”


The actor says that he is able to relate to his character as he is quite similar to Chandra Dev. “I relate to the character as Chandra dev is all about being soft, polite and attractive looking,” he says.

Pratham is close to his co-actors as well. “They are all very hardworking and wonderful human beings. It’s great to work with them. All of them are good friends of mine now but most of the time, I’m with Arjun (Surya dev). We get along really well,” he says.


While mythological shows can be tough to be part of, Pratham isn’t complaining. “I love doing mythological shows. The only thing I hate about mythological shows are the heavy costumes and jewellery. Otherwise, it’s fun playing mythological characters,” he says.

Although he is happy shooting in Umbergaon, he misses Mumbai a lot. “Of course! we all miss Mumbai whenever we are out of Mumbai. Whether we go out for shoot or for holidaying, after sometime we all want to be back as soon as possible. That’s the magic of Amchi Mumbai,” he says.

Ask him his experience of working with producers Siddharth and Rahul Kumar Tewary, and he says, “Swastik Productions is one of the best production house right now. Siddharth Sir and Rahul Sir they both are very creative mind and wonderful human beings. And you feel very comfortable working with them. I wish to work with them again.”


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