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Preetika Rao: Giant is a soulfully enacted play

Inayatullah Kantroo Productions’ maiden theatre production GIANT has won standing ovations, applause, & acclaim from audiences & industry people alike. Here’s what the audience has to say about it & producer-actor Mikhael talks about the response to the play & his character.

Television actress Preetika Rao is all praises for the play. She says, “Giant is a soulfully enacted play that gently drifts you  through the passage of time of two generations centering around the lives of 3 protagonists (Gayatri Arjun Singh Thakur played by Tirrtha Murbaadkar, Arjun Singh Thakur played by Varun Pande & Eklavya Rajkhowa played by Mikhael Kantroo)

She adds, “A journey that focuses on  relationships and the emotions attached to it while also highlighting the changing dynamics that every relationship goes  through with the passage of time. I totally recommend it to everyone.” 

The ticket-paying audience has loved it too.

Talking about the amazing response, producer-actor Mikhael Kantroo is elated & tells us, “I am so touched & overwhelmed by the audience’s reaction to Giant because quite honestly, that’s why I am here. It’s not for the car or big house or monetary reasons. I am here to win hearts and for the love of the audience. It’s as simple as that! I know I sound like a throwback to the 1990s! (Laughs)”

He adds further, “The best compliment that I have received is that someone told me that theatre just got its first commercial villain. I really like that because I am not the typical theatre actor. I have my own way & method & I am so glad that I could bring something of my own to this medium. I had to change my style from the camera to the stage because there are certain technical elements involved. 

In conclusion, Mikhael says, “The energy that flowed between us actors & the audience was quite inexplicable. I think in the climax the fourth wall just dissolved & there was a real communication between us & the audience. It was one of those moments that I will remember for a very long time to come.”

Giant is the first-ever Indian stage adaptation of the classic Hollywood film Giant. 

Produced by Inayatullah Kantroo

Directed by Shreyas Porus Pardiwalla & Sehaj K Maini 

Starring : Varun Pande, Tirrtha Murbaadkar, Mikhael Kantroo & others. 

Playing at the Royal Opera House in Mumbai on 21st & 22nd December. Tickets are available online. 

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