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Priyanka Chopra says she is super romantic

The Hollywood girl Priyanka Chopra was spotted in New York City early this morning. She was asked about the evergreen topic of Love and Marriage. Her reply was out of expectations. There could be a green signal for the rumored boyfriend Nick Jonas. Priyanka was asked about romance. She says, “Obviously I’m super romantic. I love the gesture when someone cares about me. That’s the unconditional love which touches my heart.” Isn’t is kind of sweet reply?
Later she was asked about how to impress her. On this Chopra says, “I’m not kind of girl who will get impressed by flowers or chocolates. Obviously I love them. I mean every girl loves gifts and stuffs but for me to impress, I love the written feelings. Like when someone writes their heart down, making you feel special is the thing which impresses me the most.”

So it’s clearly stated that written articles impresses PC. Further when asked about her idea over marriage PC said, “Obviously at an age of 35 I want to get married. Like it’s open for me. Everyone wishes to get married and settle in their lives, so am I.” So shall we consider it as an open statement that PC would accept the marriage proposal of Nick Jonas?


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