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Qaidi Band : Crisp plot and fine performances.

Qaidi Band

Director – Habib Faisal
Cast – Aadar Jain, Anya Singh, Sachin Pilgaonkar
Genre – Musical, Drama

Qaidi Band is a real life story based on a few prisoners that become sensations overnight despite being confined in the four walls of jail. Habib Faisal has earlier directed grounded movies such as Ishaqzaade and Do Dooni Char, he comes with Qaidi Band this week with the newbies of the town Aadar Jain and Anya Singh. Will the movie do its magic, lets analyze..

A few innocent undertrials serve their time period in jail hoping to flee some day or the other. These bunch of people are passionate about music and thus, on the occasion of Independence day, they have been asked by their jail warden to conduct a special performance for the chief guest, a political leader. Their performance is thoroughly enjoyed by the guests and the media, which later makes them famous by their video of the performance. The team becomes sensational overnight with just one musical performance. However, this demands that they stay in the prison and make such videos. As ordered by the political leader, the jail warden stops their bail plea and forces them to stay in there forever. Will they escape? That’s what the story unfolds as it moves forward.

Debutants Aadar Jain and Anya Singh have dome exceptionally well in the movie, the latter overshadowing the former. They are confidant in their roles and does ful justice to the characters given to them. The fact that they both were ready for their debuts based on their performance and not glamour and style makes them more appealing. Aadar reminds us of Ranbir Kapoor but having said that, he manages to make his own identity in the film. Anya’s character develop more and she nails the character given to her. Apart from them, all the other characters played were also appreciable.

The movie is a musical journey of these undertrials served with a strong message. Director Habib Fisal has done a splendid job with the minute detailing of the film. The fact that he has also written the movie makes it very approachable in the direction.

The dialogues are crisp and noteworthy, the cinematography is decent given the structure of the movie. The music is exceptionally well, giving the right mood with apt lyrics. The background score is decent taking the narrative forward.

Qaidi Band is an experimental movie of a genre that hasn’t been witnessed before. It will be a plus point for the makers that they released the movie before ‘Lucknow Central’, which is based on the same theme. You can definitely count on Qaidi Band if you want to witness something different in the movie hall with fine performances.

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