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Rajkummar Rao’s thanksgiving note for King Khan!

Bollywood has gone through that shift in momentum already in the last few years.. 

If till few years back, we couldn’t think beyond the Khans and the Kapoors, the Kumars and the Devgans, now we have a chunk of young and fresh stars coming in who have already proved that they are here to stay. 

The likes of Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, Rajkummar Rao, Kartik Aryan, Varun Dhawan have shown that they are the stars to look upto for the future.. 

So does that mean the Khans and their counterparts are no longer valid?

Absolutely not and it can’t be so because the new generation of Bollywood today has grown up seeing them on the silver screen which enabled them to dream as well that one day they will share the stage and the screen with them. 

Many dream but only those who work towards it get the success. One such dreamer and hardworker is Rajkummar Rao who had his share of dream to be fulfilled when he got to share the stage and do a bit of ‘Chaiyaaa Chaaiyaa’ with his childhood idol, Shah Rukh Khan in Filmfare 2019.

Describing the same, Rajkummar said –

“I got the opportunity to perform with my idol Shah Rukh Khan. I love you sir. One must believe and work hard towards their dreams because they do come true. ”

Well we hope that given the promise and potential Rajkummar has shown in these years already, all his dreams become true as he simultaneously keeps giving the audience better work and content with every film of his. 


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