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Rana Duggabati talks about his upcoming film Ghazi Attack

Rana Duggabati is indeed having a blast in terms of his Bollywood career. He got the recognition from Baby and he took it forward with Bahubali. With The Ghazi Attack, we are going to witness the story we never knew (as they say). Read on to know more about what Rana has to say about the same.

Talking about his career till date, Rana says, “I enjoy whatever I am doing. I do new things. Post Bahubali is now Ghazi, what is lovely is that it is inspired by true events. I am from Andhra, my childhood has been spent near waters so I could connect with the movie more”

Rana also discloses how they got the concept of The Ghazi attack, “My friend told me there is some person making a submarine on top of the building. He wanted to make a short film. I went and met him, he had made a prototype of submarine in his garage. He wanted to make a short film. It is based on a book The Blue Fish”.

“When we read we realized there is a lot of thing from which we can do that. We called him in the office, and took things forward from there. Since nobody has made a war film underwater and we had no reference in India, it was a tough journey. But today I can say that the film didn’t come to me, I found him (Director)” he added.

On talking about the making of the film, the Bahubali actor said, “We made a full draft of the script with a few writers. Meanwhile we did our research. The film took so much of time because it took 4 -5 months to figure how to do. To build the submarine was difficult. Atul and Kay Kay were not only actors but also have contributed in making of the film. This is a collaborated effort of all the actors.”

“The entire set was made hydraulics to give the film. It would reflect in your face and body while you act or run. All this boosted Sankalp and we came with the final output.” He added.

Since the movie has been made both in Hindi and Telagu, we asked Rana if he taught the other actors any bit of Telagu. Rana instantly replied, “No I tried to learn some Hindi.”

Summing about his film, he says, “It is not a historic document, it a feature film based on true events. We have a lot of reference and stories that came in. There are many links, we had different versions. It is a celebration of the Navy. We have the fourth largest navy in the country and still there is no film.”

“We have tried to glorify our navy, taking some cinematic liberties. We had basis of the history and we made characters out of that.” Rana signed off.

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