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Ranbir enacts ‘Hrithik-Kangana’ controversy and its hilarious

In order to promote their upcoming movie, Katrina and Ranbir have visited several platforms and indulged themselves in some fun activities.


Recently, the duo went on to a radio station where they had to play a game card ‘Guess Who’. Both of them had to carry a name plate of a Bollywood actor for the other person to see, looking at the name, the other actor would enact for his partner to guess the name.

Ranbir guessed names like Tiger Shroff, Aamir Khan and Govinda. Coming to Katrina, she had to guess Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut.

To an interesting game, what caught our attention was how Ranbir enacted to the name of ‘Kagana’. When Katrina was holding Kangana’s card, Ranbir enacted the famous hook step of Hrithik Roshan and then pretended to slit his throat. Kat immediately recognized the action and said ‘Kangana’!


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