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Ranbir Kapoor gets candid about his personal life

We all know Ranbir Kapoor is one of the most elite bachelor in the industry. Professionally his recently released Jagga Jasoos is getting him a lot of critical acclaim by the audience and the critics.

In a recent interview with a leading portal, the actor gets candid about his personal life. On commenting upon what he expects from his girlfriend, he says, “There are varying degrees of what you expect (from a person). As you grow older, you understand more about life, and how much you have to give (back) in a relationship. What I was like while dating a girl in school, and what I am now, and what I will be to my girlfriend later or my wife will be very different. There is no way to measure it. But there is a different sense of evolvement so far as love in my life is concerned.”

When he was asked if he has dated anyone outside the industry, he said, “Unfortunately, I don’t. I’m so obsessed with my films, my life at the movies, and working through the year, that I don’t really get to meet people unless I travel, or it’s a chance encounter. Usually, the only people you get to meet are from the (film) industry. And mostly you interact with actresses. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Film people are amazing, but I’d like to, you know, go on a date…”

He also stated that it would be tough for any person to go out on a date with him. He said, “”I think it’ll be hard for that person though, because of the kind of lives we live. There’ll be a lot of insecurities. But if you meet somebody who’s sorted, and if you’re yourself sorted…”

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