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Raveena Tandon reveals why she chose ‘Maatr’ as her comeback film

It was a rejoice for all Raveena Tandon fans when they got to know of her comeback. The wait to see her on the big screen has been immense, so the level of excitement for her film ‘Maatr’ is equivalent to that. While many would have expected her comeback film to be a quintessential Bollywood entertainer, she picked the road less travelled.

Directed by Ashtar Sayed, the film delves into the sensitive issue of child abuse. Raveena will be seen as a mother fighting for redemption for her daughter, who is raped.

Talking about the film, Raveena tells, “I can feel the pain of this person that I am playing in the film. It is high time that such movies get made and wake people up.”

On what took her so long to make a comeback, she says, “The films that were being offered to me were too commercial for my taste. I wanted to do something substantial.”

“Films are not my life, they are part of it. I have children, husband, home, parents, shows and endorsements. I am not dying to work in films. I would’ve signed all the films which came my way if I wanted to see my name every Friday. I am not interested in that,” she added.

As far as ‘Maatr’ is concerned, it does not succumb to commercial pressure. “I am strictly against item numbers. I’ve done films where the script was excellent but the end result was entirely different because the makers added a lot of commercial elements in it like item numbers, which spoiled the films,” she says.

“This film has been shot realistically and the sensitivity has been retained. I don’t know commercially how well we are going to do. But our aim is to spread the awareness so that people stand up and take necessary actions.”

‘Maatr’ will hit the screens on April 21.

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