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Restaurant serves biryani inspired by Anil Kapoor!

Fans show appreciation for their stars in myriad ways and here’s an example of it. Recently, an eatery in Byculla revised its menu on the occasion of New Year and decided to serve a biryani named after Anil Kapoor’s most loved character in Ram Lakhan, called Lakhan Jhakaas Biryani.

The talented actor who popularized bushy moustache and ‘jhakaas’, was glad to know that people remember his character even after 28 years. Interestingly, the recipe has been shared by the actor’s former chef.

Says Anil, “I’ve heard about this dish. It[news] left me surprised. I am happy that the character is loved so much.”

With a long-standing fan-base, Kapoor will soon hit the big screen with KriArj Entertainment’s Fanne Khan, alongside Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Rajkummar Rao, this year.


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