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Review: 2016 the end – ‘’An honest attempt with weak storyline and loopholes’’.

Cast – Divyenndu Sharma (Sunny), Kiku Sharda (Asse), Harshad Chopra (Rahul), Priya Banerjee (Sheetal) and Rahul Roy (Decosta).

Directed by – Jaideep Chopra.

Written by – Jaideep Chopra.

Produced by – Jaideep Chopra, Sakshi Chopra and Shikha Parashar Pakhare.

Music by – Agnel Roman & Faizan Hussain.

Genre – Dramedy film.

Story –

Jaideep Chopra’s film ‘’ 2016 the end’’ was a medium budget film. This critically acclaimed director fame ‘’Maazi’’ (2013) made a comeback in films after 3 years. A lot was expected from this film as well since the director was so critically acclaimed for his debut film 3 years back but alas he failed to create that magic on the screen that he wanted to with this film.

This is a story about 4 characters i.e. Sunny, Asse, Rahul and Sheetal who are good friends from different walks of life and different career professions who get to know that world is going to end in next 7 days from a very well-known scientist and after that how their life just changes drastically. Then they go to a Club called Club 7 and get badly drunk. There after they come out of the club mysteriously a swanky new Mercedes Car appears in front of them and they all sit in it and go to Goa since the owner was not present over there at that time.

The drama after that which follows all the 4 friends right from Moradabad to Goa for that missing car and the money bag in it which belongs to a local don of Goa called Decosta (Rahul Roy) is what the whole story revolves around.

Also the film talks about a very important thing that how we always just concentrate on planning our future and don’t live in the moment at present due to that. Also it’s a situational dramedy film.

Plot –

Plot is the main factor in any story that decides how the entire film is going to be. But here it was clearly seen that not much of attention and importance was given to the plot of the film which ultimately resulted in terrible story of the film.

The idea was very fresh and new as a film on the subject that what would happen if the world was to end in 7 days was not made in Indian film industry but they executed this idea and novel concept very badly and poorly.

Story of the film was not at all spellbinding, penetrating types that usually keeps the audiences glued to the screens. Even though we agree that there was no childish and very kiddish approach towards the most important characters in the film.

But the film tumbled down very miserably due to a very non interesting, not funny at all, no humour factor and most importantly a very weak storyline that was penned and written by the director Jaideep Chopra himself which is also one of the main reasons of this film as a real collateral damage and failing to create that magic on the screens that it wanted to but ended up badly.

Script –

Script was very dry to be very honest as audiences could feel that while watching it in theatres. There was no wow, oomph and bang on factor in the script which could very clearly be felt in the film as well. Also the dialogues of main characters in film i.e. the 4 friends around which the entire film just revolves were also not up to the mark at all.

Performance –

Divyenndu Sharma (Sunny), Kiku Sharda (Asse), Harshad Chopra (Rahul), and Priya Banerjee (Sheetal) have performed their characters in film with complete sincerity and honesty but we guess that this film was not a smart move for them at all. It was like sometimes by fluke or chance things work out for such films and the actors and sometimes they just don’t work out at all.

This was Harshad Chopra’s debut film in Bollywood which can be termed as a stepping stone into mainstream bollywood cinema for him and he has performed very well for a first time debutant newcomer in this industry but we think that this was not a perfect moment for him to enter Bollywood films.

Divyenndu Sharma (Sunny) and Kiku Sharda (Asse) have performed very good and given their entire dedication to get in the skin of their characters in the film so that it looks as real, genuine, and effortless as it can from their side but it felt like these roles were really not meant for them.

Their expressions, dialogues, acting, and emotions were in perfect synchronization with their characters as far film is concerned. Priya Banerjee as Sheetal has tried to give complete justice to her role and character in the film and her efforts can be seen and this was her first main lead female role in the film but we think that this film was not meant to be for her.

Direction and Cinematography –

Jaideep Chopra has done good direction from his side in this film but it was OK and not up to the mark as it could have been stronger and amazing but unfortunately it was not which was clearly the case with it.

Only in some of the parts of the film the direction was strong and good but in major parts of film there was a very weak direction that could not just hold up the entire film together which could be very clearly seen in the film.

In some parts of film cinematography was very good and just utter perfection especially the romantic song picturised between Rahul and Sheetal on beaches of Goa at night with some musicians around them and picturesque bonfire to make the setting of song amazing.

Screenplay –

Some sections in the film were not looking convincing and were very unreal as they have shown it quiet casually which was not at all good. The director and his crew should have done more solid work on screenplay of the film but they have not and that is just very evident in the film.

Screenplay is a very important part of any film as a strong screenplay helps in bringing out all the main characters more beautifully than what is expected but here in this film screenplay seen just fell short of what was expected in the film and due to that the characters in film could not perform to their best of capabilities.

Music –

Music was not at all good and nice. It was OK. Music has been given by Agnel Roman & Faizan Hussain in this film. As they had already given music for Hindi film ‘’Jigariyaa’’ (2014) we expected if not good then atleast some nice music from them but their music did not have that magic and it was not charming at all.

Actually music was somewhat required in the film. It really just felt like music was there but was not according to the setting and kind of mood in which the entire film was there and put for the sake of it and that too the songs were not at all soothing, lyrically good and soulful at all.

Cinespeaks Verdict –

This film is meant for particular set of classes. If you have nothing to do you can definitely go and watch this film but it is really not worth a watch as you won’t be missing out on anything extra ordinary by ditching this film and you can may be use that money to buy yourself some pizza, a bottle of coke and watch Once upon a time in Mumbai at your home in your laptop cosily in your comfort zone without a doubt.

By Vrinda Mundara.

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