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Review : Amidst dirty Politics, Nawaz triggers fearlessly but fails to hit the perfect shot


REVIEW :Babumoshai Bandookbaaz


Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Bidita Bag, Jatin Goswami, Shraddha Das, Divya Dutta, Anil George
Director: Kushan Nandy
Genre: Action, Thriller
Duration: 2 hours 2 minutes

Story: Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Babu Bihari) dons the cap of a brutal, carefree and powerful contract killer based in Uttar Pradesh. Banke Bihari (Jatin), who admires Babu and considers him his Guru, follows suit. The plot takes a turn when both accidently come across and later end up thwarting each other. It is a blend of love, emotions friendship, betrayal, rivalry and revenge.
Review: Babumoshai Bandookbaaz takes a trip down your memory lane, right to Gangs of Wasseypur. However, you only think of Anurag Kashyap when it comes to brutal killings and daring murders. Director Kushan Nandy does a fair job but fails to create the magic onscreen. It is a freakish thriller but lacks the necessary charisma due to poor execution.

Babu a gun toting goon started his career in this bizarre profession at the tender age of 10 for merely two bananas to fill his empty stomach. Banke, a struggling goon, looks upon Babu for inspiration, as he aspires to be a professional killer and attain Babu’s position. A bond gradually blossoms between the two but it takes a round turn due to indifferences and betrayal from the other. The entire plot runs around treachery, merciless killings and a fire to take revenge.
Amidst the revenge saga, are Sumitra aka Jiji (Divya) and Dubey (Anil), politicians who happily hire the so called Guru-Chella duo for their personal gains and benefits. Being a part of games are the local police, who also have their own axe to grind. But bullets are not the only thing the men in this movie bite. They also have voracious sexual appetites and relish their women.
Nawazuddin aptly fits the role and justifies the character. He is the heartbeat of the film, a gun-trotting bounty hunter, regularly, systematically, and readily killing the dissenters of local politician’s heavyweight for money. He is brutal, violent yet classy. He puts a gritty, witty, and full of swag show to enjoy .Unequivocally, he is too good to be appreciated for his non-fussy and perfectly delivered one liners. Another character that helps him leave a mark is his love and obsession for sunglasses. It can be said, he carries this average film entirely with his presence.

The first half is dragged and sloppy with unnecessary violence and intimate scenes. However the story takes a cryptic turn in the latter half promising a better ending.
Jatin (Banke) delivers an impressive screen appeal with his lean-toned physique and fine acting. He makes a stage among ‘A’ rated actors. Bidita Bag (Phulwa) who plays the love interest of Babu is sultry, daring (gusty) and bindaas. Her comfort zone and no shy away attitude during intimate scenes add steam. She is expressive and promising. Shraddha (Yasmeen) essays the character of a struggling actress who dances to Bollywood numbers and helps Banke in getting contracts, she however remains underutilised. Divya, as a local politician, is constantly trying to maintain her prowess. Her hunger for power increases each passing day. A razor-tongued woman, who hurls abuses like a man and accepts challenges upright, is quite effective.
Talking about the music, songs remain average. However, an item number ‘Ghungta’, does make you groove to its tunes.
With all the drama, emotions and action, Babumoshai Bandookbaaz remains unsuccessful to touch the audience and create a connection with the characters. We are unable to completely understand their behaviour and motivations. The director tries to empathise with the characters but isn’t convincing enough for us to open our eyes of pity towards them.
All in all, the movie is quite predictable, with a cliché plot merely wrapped in a new cover. Regardless to say, it is not for the fragile heart due to the extensive use of violence, and undoubtedly not a movie one can enjoy with family. Only if it would have focused more on the storyline and execution, than Babu’s fetish for glares and unneeded sexual content, the movie would have pleased further.

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