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Review – Ayushmann sets a benchmark for his films with ‘Article 15’

Cast- Ayushmann Khurrana, Manoj Pahwa, Kumud Mishra, Sayani Gupta, Zeeshan Ayyub, Isha Talwaar

Director- Anubhav Sinha


Nishad: Yeh us kitab ko nahi chalne dete jiski shapat lete hai

Ayan: Yahi toh ladai hai, us kitab ki chalani padegi… usi se chalega desh

The movie shares its title with one of the articles of much respectable book – The Constitution of India. The book was written and every article of the constitution was framed by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and being a responsible citizen of India we are supposed to follow it. Article 15 of the Indian constitution prohibits discrimination against any citizen on the ground of any religion, caste, sex, place of birth. The film ‘Article 15’ directed by Anubhav Sinha talks about the same topic and tells how reality is completely different.

The movie is an investigative thriller which deals with rape and murder of three innocent girls in rural Uttar Pradesh. The film is reportedly based on the 2014 Badaun gangrape and murder case. Ayushmann plays a cop who is investigating this case and during which he comes across this unnecessary discrimination, which is created on the basis of caste in some regions of India and he decides to fight back against it.

IPS officer Ayan Ranjan (Ayushmann Khurrana) Is given charge of Lalgaon police station in Uttar Pradesh. Returned from Higher Studies from Europe he did not understand the atmosphere of the small village and in no time he comes across to a case where Dalit girls working in the factory are missing, but their FIRs have not been registered. The local Police Officers Manoj Pahwa and Kumud Mishra inform him that this happens every second day. Both refer the Dalits as “Ye log/ In Log” stating “In logo ka aisa hi hai, ye logo ki ladkiya bhaag jaati aur vapas aajati hai” and tries to shut the topic. Next morning Ayan gets to know that 2 girls were brutally raped, murdered and hanged to death from a tree and the third girl is missing. Sadly, the truth was buried and news goes viral that it was Honor Killing. Gaura (Sayani Gupta) sister of the third missing girl, still waits for her to return. Ayan starts his investigation of the accused and goes on a hunt of the third girl. During all this, he learns that the villagers are majorly discriminated for their cast and he takes a step to ‘UnMess the Mess’

The scene in the film is shocking when Ayan learns that girls were raped and killed just after demanding an increase of three rupees in daily wages. There are many such delusional scenes in the film. The director has kept the film realistic in every way. 

Ayushmann Khurrana was brilliant and outstanding as he plays such an intense role of a cop for the first time in his Bollywood career. After giving amazing films to Indian Cinema he sets a benchmark of acting, he is considered as one of the best actors and is all time suitable for content-driven films. Actor Sayani Gupta pulls of an unrecognizable look and impressive role in the film. Manoj Pahwa and Kumud Mishra were excellent in their roles. Isha Talwar was best at supporting role as Aditi, she always supported Ayan over phone calls and text messages. There are many other actors who are unnamed but gave a superlative performance. Zeeshan Ayyub has given fabulous performance as Nishad. The best scene by Zeeshan Ayyub was when he gives a look of Chandrashekar Azad. Hats off to the casting director for doing a stellar casting. Every actor got into the veins of the character and gave real performances as they are themselves suffering the inequality.

Director Anubhav Sinha once again delivers content driven film after ‘Mulk’. It takes a lot of courage to direct a film on such a sensitive topic which can raise riots on any minor thing if portrayed wrong. Anubhav Sinha successfully depicts the message with a call to action that we can’t be sitting on the fence anymore and be spectators. Direction and screenplay were on point. There was no screen space for songs also it was not required in the film, the background score was perfect to match up with the mood of the film. There is one promotional rap song during the credits, titled Shuru Karein Kya, and it reverberates with what is happening in the country right now.

Cinespeaks Verdict: Article15 is a must must and definitely a must watch film. It was a necessity to bring in the topic and show people the dark reality of the villages of India. Anubhav Sinha took a major brave step to aware people of the fact they are unaware of. We people stay in metro cities and believe in equality also follows the same but we are unobservant towards small villages where they daily face chauvinism and work hard to earn a rupee and survive their life. Article15 is super duper great film with a strong message. This movie is worth to spend time and money. 

Review by Rupal Purohit

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